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“The more modern Christian most often doesn’t know the differences between the Angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Satan, Lucifer, Azazel, Mephistopheles, and Jehovah or Elohim. They somehow never learn their own religion well enough to know there were multiple angels, multiple devils and multiple Gods. They will somehow spend their entire lives never learning very basic things about their own religion while claiming adamant belief in it.”

“All children of the numerous Clark and Gloria Villers academies were trained to debate about politics and religion beginning as early as the third grade. Our training begins at such an early age to prepare us and allow us to more fully accept that as we grow into adulthood there are almost always multiple right ways and multiple wrong ways in doing things. In order to most effectively debate it fully pays to know more than one view.”

“In atheism children were not born in sin. In Christianity all children were automatically born in sin. We were born in a world where adults often rob, steal, lie and cheat one another. It was an unfortunate fact that all people do not automatically deserve respect and loyalty just for being an adult. Many adults have taught their children to prey on those whom they think are weaker than themselves. They were taught that were weaker than them were their inferiors.”

“Why were all American Christians born in sin and not the American Atheist and any non-Christians? Approximately over 6,000 years ago a White man named Adam and his white wife named Eve did things an Abrahamic turned Judeo Christian God found very unfavorable. So such a merciful God put a hex or curse on all descendants of both Adam and Eve. All Christians are direct descendants of this white Adam and Eve. The only possible way to break such a God’s hex or curse was to profess a white man named Jesus was one’s only true Lord and savior, and believe it within one’s heart and emotion. Once this was achieved one will be able to cheat death by gaining immortality in what was called the spirit realm.”

“In the spirit realm there is a nirvana or heaven. In heaven all angels are white men, women and children having feathered wings similar to the wings found on most birds here on earth. All food, clothing, and water in heaven is white, holy, sacred and pure. Since Jesus is white God is also white. On Earth God can be easily confused with any typical white man having a long white beard and moustache.

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immortal plane or the spiritual realm and that of the biological plane or material realm. Because of this religious followers became eager to accept there was a form of life after death. After physical human decomposition the follower believed there was a spiritual redemption.”

“The spiritual plane was described as a transparent version of the physical world. What remained odd about this concept was odd because followers described the spiritual realm as having physical properties. Some people described Heaven as a place where the streets were paved in gold. A street was an obvious physical object as so gold too was a physical object.”

“It was found that for the most part religious leaders could make up all of their religious beliefs to their personal discretion. Followers would accept or believe nearly everything their religious leaders told them. It was the duty of the religious leader to use their most convincing mind play and wordplay. The Religious leader was also a religious storyteller. Their story became a religious Dogma and a religious Cannon.”

“In our current world there. these people ended up giving up on their theistic views. For this to have occurred came an immense power struggle. So today I would like for us all to take a look how and why such turnaround came about.”

”For many people it was thought that as much as 85% of the overall human population were religious followers of some sort. Those religious followers were considered a subculture. 10% of humanity were regarded as a society consisting of either religious leaders or government leaders of officiators. The remaining 5% were regarded as scientist who didn’t always believe that what the Society had deemed law and order wasn’t always either moral or ethical”.

“How could the Christian Dogma and Canon of the Abyssinians and the Dogma and Canon of the White slave traders be so opposite yet the Christian doctrine be interpreted in a somewhat identical way? There were an ever growing number of Christian sects where each sect claimed itself the only true authentic doctrine. Each sect disproves the other while often selectively claiming ignorance of the existence of other sects. Each sect shares the religious title of being a component of a bigger Christianity as if all sects believed in the same things while yet in opposition of one another.”


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from ages five through seventeen. Schooling lasted all year around. It was thought that of these children could be taught on the same campus, a campus designed more like a college that for its age bracket. The initial learning centers didn’t begin in North Carolina much like Clark and Gloria’s’ church had. Instead, the initial academy was begun in Los Angeles, California. My parents both have graduated from this academy. My Grandparents on both sides of my family were instructors at this academy.”

“In the 1874 Clark had been a Pentecostal Pastor of an 800 membered all white Christian church located in Chapel Hill. He and his entire church congregation made claims that each of them had constantly been given visits by an extraterrestrial Black man calling himself Able Story Brown. This Black man held 360 Superhuman Powers. One such power was the ability to make replicas of himself. These replicas were living, breathing, bleeding, Independently thinking and acting Beings.”

“Clark and all of his church members found that there were beings here on Earth known as metahumans. In medieval times the metahumans were regarded as Gods. In more modern time most people on Earth don’t know metahumans exist. The few people who know what metahumans are view them as a Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy, Ghost or Mixed race immortals. Unlike the average person a metahuman could place themselves in a form of suspended animation to heal themselves from sickness or injury and to prolong their lives. These metahumans could keep themselves in suspended animation for a thousand years at a time. Medieval people often looked upon metahumans as flawless immortal without weakness.”

“The Christian and Catholic church often protected metahumans by concealing their identity and giving them roles to play in the church. Some atheist were trying to kill metahumans while exposing their identities. Once the true identity of the religious followers God, Devil or Angel was revealed many followers would find out that they had been unknowingly worshipping a Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, Fairy or mixed race metahuman. They would then leave the church and become an atheist.”

“The religious leader’s role was that pretending to be the spokesperson or mediator for an unseen superhuman immortal. As a demagogue and demigod. The religious leader was supposed to be the living bridge between the

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“Personally When I read a King James Version of the Bible I took notice that it began by a story alleged told by Moses. Moses was supposed to have been a Hebrew whom grew up among the Egyptians of antiquity as if an Egyptian. Moses for some reason does not tell a story with neither a Hebrew perspective nor an Egyptian perspective. Instead Moses gives a story from a Christian or Catholic perspective. Obviously Moses preexisted Catholicism and Christianity.

Moses also speaks in third person. Instead of saying “I saw…..” or speaking as if he was present Moses says “Moses saw……” This allows me to know Moses didn’t write what was accredited to him. Without Moses there would be no Old Testament nor stories of Adam, Eve, Noah nor himself. Much of the occurrences of the early Bible accredited to Moses were alleged to have occurred during the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses.”

“As I read the Bible I realized the Biblical Moses had no idea who the real Ramses was. False and nonsensical dialogues were created by unknown writers pretending Moses would have known Ramses personally. Hebrews were stealing Egyptian and Babylonian life and myth to use against the Egyptians and Babylonians. They were then accrediting themselves the accomplishments of the Egyptians and Babylonians. The Babylonians were also known as the Sumerians.

“It was New Year’s day in the year 1888 that Clark and Gloria celebrated the grand opening and establishment of what became their atheist church. It was called The Clark and Gloria Villers Atheist Church of the Neo Science in Being. This was an Atheist Humanist Church promoting science, human ingenuity, and technology. This atheist church began as a Bronze, Gold, and Aluminum skyscraper which stood 1,620 feet tall. This building was then considered the world’s tallest building. This was a National Atheist headquarters located in the Bible Belt of Raleigh, North Carolina. This towering skyscraper became both the literal and figurative symbol of atheism on the rise. This was a new era where atheist had control of both the American economy and the global economy. This church body had produced many of the Earth’s greatest of all modern technological advancements. Employment all over America and abroad and was steadily on the rise.”

“It was in 1901 when Clark and Gloria kick started this Academy. It was designed as a learning center for children

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their people depicted in their holy books a people of the Caucasus Mountains only metaphorically, allegorically and symbolically representing Africa and the Middle East. Now they as Caucasians became the owners, makers, white cream of the planet Earth, White mothers and Fathers of civilization with a White God of the Universe. The Christians then became The Lost and Found Children of Israel.”

“The white Christians assured themselves and others that their history proved that the Shakespearean English speaking Jesus the Christ was the one sole savior of the Christian world. Those who refused to fully embrace and accept this one truth were a clear and unmistakably said to be immoral and unethical devil worshipers.”

“Of all the people on Earth to refute such teachings was a white married couple living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina named Clark and Gloria Villers. From the Bible Belt they Boldly claimed Christiandome was a false religious insight, instinct and idealism.”

“According to both Clark and Gloria archaeological experts have found absolutely no evidence that Hebrew of antiquity lived as slaves in Egypt. It has become noted that Moses didn’t lead Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. In fact they didn’t receive their holy land until 1948 when then controlled by Muslims. There is not one shred of archeological evidence for the existence of Moses or of any of the bible’s main cast of Hebrew characters from Abraham to Jacob ,King David, King Solomon, Noah or of an Adam and Eve. There is however substantial evidence of the existence of Egyptian pharaohs and Sumerian myths from whence these biblical characters were based.”

“Evidence corroborates with an ancestral patriarch of the Hebrew Jews in Amonhotep the first. His biblical name would have been Abraham. Since Pharaoh Amonhotep worshipped the God Amon and Since Yakub is the Aramean name for Jacob, Egyptology experts interpret that the biblical Jacob and the Hyksos king Yakubher were one of the same. Moses’s closely matches Thutmosis and Ahmosis in name. King David reigned for 50 years. Egyptian history reveals that pharaoh Psusennes also ruled Canaan for 50 years at the same time as the biblical king David battled the same enemy referred to as the sea people or Philistines. Pharaoh Siamun and King Solomon reigned exactly the same Alleged Time Frame and were actually the same person. Hebrews had plagiarized Egyptian and Sumerian life and myth.

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of the uplifting of the quality and quantity of life we have made this academy become the first openly interracial academy in the United States. This was also the first and only openly Atheist school of thought in the States. Not only did both of my African American parents graduate from this academy, their parents are instructors here. Now we promote the success rate of this academy. We also promote the notion that human potential is infinite. We do not accept the notion that all people, plants and animals were born in sin.”

“I would say that we as atheist have examined US history with an honest analytic vantage point. By such an examination as an African American also commonly referred to as a Black person I am partially a direct descendant of Africans brought to the landmasses of what became Central, North and South America during the mid-1600’s. The Africans were brought to these locales without their own consent. They were exploited as a free labor source or slave. Nearly all the slave traders who brought them to these various locations had proven to be very devout Christians.”

“As Christians they were enabled to use their Holy Bibles as proof in their declaration that an Abrahamic turned Judeo Christian God ordained them to enslave as many Africans as they could. This was done whether or not the Africans were already Christian, Catholic or Muslim. The slave traders had deemed al African as sub humans worthy of doing a like filled with hard labor without due payment for such hard labor.”

“The Africans were to be taught a new language, dialect, history, religion and culture very much unlike and in opposition of that of Africa. The African were to be assured that they were brought to the landmasses of South, Central and North America in substandard conditions which were cramped and overpopulated. They were not to be given proper food, clothing or the usage of a bathroom while being transported to the landmass where they were to be forced into slavery.”

“Before and during this transatlantic slave trade there were some Christians referred to as Abyssinian or Ethiopian Christians. Their version of Christianity was very unlike the Christianity of the slave traders. The Christianity of the Abyssinians had most if not all the people of their religion depicted in their holy books a people of the Middle East and Africa. The Christianity of the slave traders had most if not all

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Monday June 9, 1969 was the day of the Graduation Day ceremony for the students of the Clark and Gloria Villers Atheist Academy of Freethought and Spiritual Alchemy. Today the son of Alamance Body and his wife Orissa Lows Body graduates. Alamance is the first and only African American Vice President of the United States. The president was Robert Kennedy. Orissa Lows Body is the world’s richest person. Orissa is the co-founder of most modern computer software, hardware and cell-phones. Her son Aton Body stands six foot two and weighs 185 pounds, He’s now 17 and the eldest of five, three girls and a brother. In his speech he says

“My name is Aton Body. I am the current student body president of the 1969 class of the Clark and Gloria Villers Academy of Free thought and Spiritual Alchemy. Today I would like to share with you a speech I wrote for today’s Graduation Day ceremony.

Today I become a graduate of a groundbreaking multi-racial, multi ethnic learning center like no other. This learning center was designed to look and feel like a college campus although designed for students from kindergarten through the seniors of high school. I would now like to explain why and how I think academies like this one helped children in America become Adults who redefined God, religion, man, woman and child.”

“I would like to begin my speech by saying Salutations to all distinguished guest. Today I’m proud to say this academy was built on the principle that all United States citizens were born with certain specific unalienable rights. The rights of citizenship began by being born on American soil. The citizenship was further established by having ancestors born on American soil who had lived here as residents. Among their inalienable rights are the rights of life, liberty and pursuit of what many refer to as spiritual alchemy. Such spiritual alchemy came to us in the due form of mental and physical knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness.”

“I now proudly wear a black cap and robe as my parents have. I proudly wear this cap and robe to represent the uplifting of a quality and quantity of human life. In a reflection