Writer’s Block

Nik's Place

I enter these exits expecting tunnel’s light,
crashing into circular halls instead.
I’ve lost my head in thought’s arena.

Chased by words that miss the meaning;
second glance confirms the seeming.
All the darkness comes a’ beaming in the stead.

Subpoenaed to the stand,
I’ll only float where I can land.
In these cuffs, innocence remains a crime.

Can’t break the code to get a deal.
Won’t sell out heart to stack the wheels.
Could never rollout half a meal to feed this mind.

The chimes are ringing.
Fate comes stinging, listening closely for the
singing of the whispers to all my quiet joys.

Priming hard, I know it’s coming
-disregard for all the loving-
and the haters… they will dance outside my cell.

Laughter stretches hairs on end;
all that push and still no bend.
Gentle frame will crush your game out on the yard.

Go ahead and grip…

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