What was your first step on the road to atheism?

Answer on @Quora by @JamesBoxCat to What was your first step on the road to atheism?

Answer by James Liu:

First step was an observation that there were differences between those that were converted into religion and those born into religion.

Those that are converted into religion, were significantly more "gung-ho" about it. They follow the teachings closely. They take on an active thirst for discoveryinf more about their new religion.

More importantly, they made a big drastic change in their life from non-or-other religion into this new religion. A big thought changing process. Not an easy one either. To make this transition, these individuals had to give up their former understandings of the world around them and adopt a complete new worldview.

Those born into to religion, not always but, often did not take their religion teachings as seriously. It was normal for them. They didn't go through the same paces as those converted into religion. In many ways (some not all), take their religion for granted.

I was converted.

When my elementary school bullies (which were born Christian), picked on me for being Chinese, for being short, and for not "being like them" — that was a second step.

Then many more steps appeared as the people around me spoke of fairness, absolute-ness, tolerance, and peace — but did not practice it.

What was your first step on the road to atheism?


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