What are some of the best pencil sketches ever?

Answer on @Quora by Sajid Ahmed to What are some of the best pencil sketches ever?

Answer by Sajid Ahmed:

This gorgeous collection of illustrations is a super-talented pencil artists from all around the world. Enjoy!

Paul Cadden – Shower

Cadden's illustrations are frighteningly realistic

Rajacenna – You are not alone

Crazy amounts of talent from 19-year-old Rajacenna

Paul Lung – Tiger

We wonder how long it took Lung to perfect the fur…

Jay Varma – Mother

Master of his craft, Jay Varma captures every tiny detail in his illustrations

Randy Atwood – Sir Sean

Seriously, how real does this portrait of James Bond star Sir Sean Connery look?

Dirk Dzimirsky – Frozen

This Dzimirsky illustration looks so real it's seriously creepy

Linda Huber – Light bulb

Even the simplest of objects can make stunning illustrations

Ken Lee – SADA Beats

It took a while for us to believe this was hand drawn. You can see why…

Mihályi Anita – Morning Rose

With the amount of detail captured in this beautiful image, it could easily be mistaken for macro photography

Damien May – Yesterday

This man's life is written, or in this case drawn, all over his face

 David Kao – Audi R8

Fancy a spin anyone? It's real, right?

Josi Fabri – Eternal Sunshine

At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a press shot from this brilliant film

Martijn Versteeg – Audrey Hepburn

We love this stunning realistic illustration of film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn

Andy Buck – Dimples

This adorable image was penciled together by UK artist Andy Buck

Mike Rider – Grandfather and Grandson

A timeless moment captured by super talent Mike Rider

What are some of the best pencil sketches ever?


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