Who are the art world’s one-hit wonders?

Answer on @Quora by John James Morton to Who are the art world's one-hit wonders?

Answer by John James Morton:

Grant Wood: American Gothic

Marie-Denise Villers: Young Woman Drawing

Myron: The Discus Thrower

Robert Indiana: LOVE

Emanuel Leutze: Washington Crossing the Delaware

Hippolyte Flandrin: Young Male Nude Sitting Beside the Sea

Charles Demuth: I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold

Meindert Hobbema: The Avenue at Middelharnis

Edward Hicks: The Peaceable Kingdom

Joseph Ducreux: Portrait of the Artist in the Character of a Mocker

Giambologna: Mercury

Paulus Potter: The Young Bull

George Caleb Bingham: Fur Traders on the Missouri

Arnold Böcklin: Isle of the Dead

[Note: Often the popularity of a work would prompt the artist or others to make copies; and sometimes there were variations among the copies. The original image was a prodigious birth, but with numerous siblings in tow. This was the case with some of the works above. As regards the original of The Discus Thrower, it no longer exists.]

Who are the art world's one-hit wonders?


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