12 Jewels(“Metaphysics”)

  1. KNOWLEDGE: The science of knowing facts and mythbusting. Knowledge is the cause for humanity to want to acknowledge who, what, when, where, why and how. Knowledge was the awareness of a mental and physical sight, touch, taste, smell and sound sense.
  2. WISDOM: The vehicle to which a wise man, woman or child lets their  knowledge be made known, or made manifest.
  3. UNDERSTANDING: To see or invision things as they clearly are to be seen and not as they appear to be through an illustrious illusion. Understanding is a perception based on the third eye as the minds eye which is the entire cosmos of our group or individual combined accepted knowledge and wisdom
  4. FREEDOM: To be bound by insight, instinct and idealism which are the components of the third eye or minds eye and cosmos. Slavery is the opposite of freedom thus opposites were made to oppose one another. In slavery, natural insight, instinct and idealisms was replaced by religious hope, faith and belief to cause spiritually blind, deaf and dumb religious followers. The Demigods made the religious followers worship an invisible person in the sky whom they refer to as their holy ghost, deity or God, creator and origin.
  5. JUSTICE – The Just -eye- cee Justice as a balanced way to treat all organic and inorganic existence as components of an environment, circumstance and conditioning of the positive, neutral or negative to cause and effect a 3 dimensional realm.
  6. EQUALITY – Equality is to want for your a-alike, b- alike and c-alike as you would want for yourself. Equality is to be equal in everything (knowledge, wisdom, and understanding) with your righteous Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters or overall human Family. A-alike, B-alike, and C-alike have a knowledge, wisdom and understanding alike by comparative generalization or specifics.
  7. FOOD – Food is the proper nourishment one needs to sustain a mental and physical mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy. The wrong food is a religious one which enslaves one to unhealthy hope, faith and belief.
  8. CLOTHING – Clothing is the proper protection from an unwanted environment, circumstance and conditioning referred to as the Devils Civilization. The proper protection from the devils civilization is the knowledge that religion is slavery and atheism is a freedom railroad. We are also clothed with muscles, nerves, flesh and a mind to build or destroy it.
  9. SHELTER – The proper protection from any environment, circumstance and conditioning. A shelter is not just a house or a home. A shelter is self or savior.
  10. LOVE – Love is the elevation of understanding. Many people confuse love with acceptance. Love is a gravitational force which may attract or repel us from something much like a form of gravity.
  11. PEACE– Peace is the absence of confusion and the universal greeting for the civil minded. Peace is the state of tranquility or restfulness which exist between the positive and the negative.
  12. HAPPINESS – Happiness is the overall state of mental and physical  satisfaction. Happiness is to know the ledge, distance and overall limitations of any object and objective and being able to deal with it to make it beneficial.

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