SUPREME MATHEMATICS(numerology)”The Soul”

(1.) – For me Knowledge is the foundation of all conscious existence. Without a conscious there would be no known conscious knowledge. By having a conscious Knowledge can be defined as knowing the ledge, distance or overall limitations of one’s own individual or collective mind, body, space, matter, memory, time, and energy. Knowledge was the spark which ignited an atom into becoming one’s infinite astronomical, astrological and astrophysical element, compound or mixture. From one’s own element, compound and mixtures came ones vapor, liquid, solid and plasma.From one’s own vapor, liquid, solid and plasma came an overall environment, circumstance and conditioning known as a material world. Within a material world one defines oneself in a psychological and biological scientific composition. One now exists to define one’s own knowledge of self within one’s own terms.  

(2). – In my own terms Wisdom is a reflection of knowledge. Knowledge was once all there existed. With conscious, Knowledge becomes the foundation of all objects and objectives. Initially there was only one knowledge, and it was an infinite but an indefinite array of thoughts and actions without limitations. As a reflection of the one, wisdom redefined knowledge by becoming a reflection of knowledge thus making wisdom become another form of knowledge. In the same manner  one plus one equals two, from two ones knowledge plus knowledge equals  wisdom as dual forms of knowledge. Wisdom made an infinite knowledge become finite by giving it a beginning and an end, as now wisdom made knowledge become definite.

(3). – For me Understanding  is the addition of Knowledge & Wisdom (1+2=3) into a complete circle of comprehensive conscious. The highest form of Understanding is Love. Understanding is built from Knowledge and Wisdom combining to make a reflection of their unified selves. They took the best part of themselves and did away with the rest in order to make themselves fully understood. Understanding never rises above its own knowledge and wisdom but rises to them to then make Knowledge literally and figuratively symbolize man, as Wisdom then symbolizes Woman. Understanding then symbolizes the child as a potential man or woman five pointed human sun, moon or star pupil of Being.Understanding is to articulate knowledge and wisdom right and exactly.

(4). – For me Culture is a systematic way of life bound by rites, rituals, symbolisms and tradition. Freedom is bound by insight, instinct and idealisms or the third eye which becomes the negate or opposite of mental and physical slavery. My Culture or Freedom is Heaven. Heaven is the 12 jewels of Spiritual Alchemy which are physical and mental knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, food, clothing, shelter, love, peace, and happiness. Slavery is Hell which opposes heaven thus becomes the opposite of mental and physical culture or freedom. Hell is the lack of the proper 12 jewels of spiritual alchemy.

(5). – For me Power is the transference and translation of mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy. Refinement is to purify and clarify ones power. Power is force of imagination and creativity.

(6). – For me Equality is the state of owning a balanced  Equilibrium or state of positive, neutral and negative behavior or conduct. Equality is a state of thinking and acting which creates a standard that many seek to rise above, fall into or fall down below it. For many equality becomes a normal average standard of balancing the quality of life with the quantity of life.

(7). – For me God is a mere 3 lettered word concept which can mean everything or nothing at all. For many God is someone or something to be worshipped, praised, prayed for and praised to that exist either above them, below them, beside them, in front of them or behind them. Since I am an Atheist I do not think of God as a Being above equality that exist  either above me, below me, beside me, in front of me, behind me nor inside me. God would be whatever definition I gave such a three lettered word, if I gave it a definition at all. If not, it would have no meaning, definition and dimension above, below, beside, in front, behind, or inside what I gave it. 

(8). – For me To Build is to elevate the element, compounds or mixtures of oneself, and or others by adding, multiplying, or making something greater than another. To destroy is to decompose or analyze the element, compound or mixtures of oneself and or others as an object or objective by subtracting, dividing or making something less than another.

(9). – For me Born means to bring about a matter into a psychological or biological articulation. Knowledge is infinite but wisdom allows knowledge to be simplified and clarified enough that Knowledge travels from Wisdom, Understanding, Culture or Freedom, Power or Refinement, Equality, God, Build or Destroy to Born and back to a knowledge with the speed of a thought.

(0). Zero is a symbol for nothingness or an empty set. A Cipher is a complete circle consisting of 360.°  A Cipher is actually a line that has an end which is connected to its beginning. Now where it ends became a new beginning and where it began became an old ending. It constantly redefines itself yet somehow remains a complete circle without a true overall beginning or end.


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