Supreme Alphabet

(A)—Allah: The African American man, woman and child Human Supreme Being. Africa is defined as a higher conscious embodiment. American is defined as a higher or more evolved physical form. Black is regarded as the essence or original state and initial state of all birth, being and existence. The title Allah is an acronym for arm, leg, leg, arm, head an all in all Five pointed human Sun, Moon and Star pupil of Being. A Human Supreme Being is the revolutionary evolutionary human development of individual and group mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy. Not to be confused with the Muslim concept of an Invisible deity in the sky.

(B)—Be or Born: Be means to exist. To be born is to bring about a due form of conscious existence or Being by reproducing a form of sight, touch, taste, smell or sound Judgement known as sense. To born something means to reproduce something from a due cause into an effect. Such a cause and effect become reason and an aftermath of reason of conscious intellect.

(C)—Cee or See: To see is to have insight, instinct and idealisms in order to mentally or physically envision something or someone. To Cee means to comprehend through the mind’s eye which is the third eye. To see is to envision through the physical, element, compound and mixtures of the cosmos in order they  become more fully understood as the basic platform of reality as we know it.

(D)—Divine: Is defined as the essence or nature of an object or objective as holy,sacred and pure, or unbroken, never diluted, mixed or tampered with in its initial state of Understanding. The overall reality of a cause of an effect.

(E)—Equality is a standard way of dealing with things as if with a balanced quality and quantity. We create a standard to rise above, fall below or maintain as wise and civilized divine scientist.

(F)—Father: To father mentally as well as physically. To father means to further  one’s physical and mental development by way of proper education, history, and proper nutrition as if all of this was part of a healthy diet of intake and output.

(G)—GOD: Anyone or anything a people worship, pray for and pray to for guidance as a type of role model. God is a three lettered word many people have diluted, mixed and tampered with in order to change its initial meaning, definition and dimensions so as to control one another and often enslave one another with a religious dogma or cannon. Such a three lettered word has become greatly misunderstood. Humanity became an actor that  mimicked any form of conscious it was made  aware of. Thus God was only limited by the mortal human terms of their meaning, definition and dimension which became their triple states of darkness.

(H)—He or Her: Are those who have the power or character to build or destroy based on their environment, circumstance and conditioning. The Unlikes which attract and alike which repel like magnets. He plays the character role of a male as she as her, plays the character role of a female.

(I)—I or Islam: Islam was initially a Culture not a religion or a hierarchical priesthood of Demigods. Islam was originally a culture that manifests in tune with the Universe and the mathematical principles that govern it. As conscious beings humans are the essence of the very universe that surrounds us until religion replaced our culture. Religion is a subculture not a culture. Culture deals within insight, instinct and idealisms. A subculture deals only with false insight, instinct and idealisms in the form of a religious hope, faith and belief.

(J)—Justice: is both the Penalty and Rewards for every thought, action, cause and effect.

(K)—King or Kingdom: A King is male  hierarchical Monarchical ruler of a nation or Kingdom. A Kingdom is a Nation or territory ruled and overseen by the Authority of a King or Queen and their royal family.One for all and all for one.

(L)—Love Hell or Right determines individuals and group morals, ethics, unity, survival, and adaptation of  man, woman, and child. Love is defined as Heaven and heaven is a form of  spiritual alchemy known as the 12 Jewels of Islam. Hell is defined as hate which is the opposite of heaven yet one persons hell becomes another persons heaven one may oppose. Hell becomes a form of slavery or misuse of knowledge, wisdom, understanding,freedom, justice, equality,food, clothing, shelter, love, peace and happiness.

(M)—Master: one who knowledge, wisdom and understands the overall knowledge, wisdom and understanding of hself to which mind detect conscious mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy.

(N)— Now o End: Now is the present time to come to the conclusion that Now is a state that has no true beginning or end. Although we refer to its beginning as a starting point or past, the future is not really an end of the past. There is always a past and a future starting and ending now. It only appears that the past stops now as the future begins now because its an illusion of the past and future.

(O)—Cipher: The completion of a circle consisting of 360° from beginning to end which revolves and evolves in a never ending never beginning loop.

(P)—Power: Is Imagination and creativity as the overall conscious cause and effect.

(Q)—Queen: was a term initially designated to a woman who has knowledge of self. Nowadays some men refer to themselves as Queens because they want to be women and play a woman’s role in life or death.

(R)—Rule or Ruler: Law and Order and those who administer it.

(S)—Self or Savior: Self is an individuals own mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy obeyed and consumed. Savior is an individual or group who save another individual or themselves from an environment, circumstance and conditioning.

(T)—Truth or Square: Truth is defined as an actual fact which can only be disproved with a lie. A square is often solely defined as a box having four even or equal sides. Although these are definitions of a truth or a square these are not the only definitions. A lie is also defined as a less probable, less possible truth. My square is the position I stand on my own words and actions given and received as a due cause and effect of environment, circumstance and conditioning. That’s just me. I am my own truth or square, and that’s where I stand.

(U)—You or Universe: You are the universe because we are the creators of the sun, moon & star as the human  man, woman & child. The Universe is every component of ones individual or groups conscious mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy.

(V)—Victory: Is ones individual or group success just as much as ones individual or group success is a victory.

(W)—Wisdom: Are the wise words spoken as wise words being of wise words spoken into being literal and figurative.

(X)—Unknown: Is nothing as nothing is defined now as that which exist beyond individual or group conscious mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy. It’s a dark matter.

(Y)—Why: “Why?” is the question  most frequently asked by the 85%. They refuse to Show and Prove the Supreme Mathematics, The Supreme Alphabet and the 12 Jewels.
(Z)—Zig, Zag Zig from Knowledge to Wisdom and Understanding to                      Understanding, Wisdom and Knowledge overall.


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