If there is no “God”? Absolve AsGaad 1

Someone asked this question to Christopher Hitchens. When I saw it on video I thought the question was one of the most ignorant of all questions to be asked. “If there is no God, Why spend your whole career refuting that, why not stay home?” As if to say “Everything we say as Theist should go unrefuted simply because we’re Theist.”

1.All religions that believe in a God refute one another. They may say to one another “If our God does not exist, what makes you think your God exist?” All religious leaders and followers adamantly lie about their religion to gain dominance over one another. I am one to not sit back and allow them to lie on atheist if I can help it, because I am an atheist. So I seek to expose their lies if I can.I am not religious. I can refute religion because it’s a pack of lies. I can prove it.

2. It seems to me that Theism relies on a person’s ignorance. The fact that a person would ask If there is no “God”, why spend your whole career refuting that, why not stay home, shows a sign of arrogance and ignorance. It is as if to say “We as Theist can not ever be wrong nor can we be corrected if in error.”

I want to begin picking out the errors of Christianity as a whole as I acknowledge that Christians try to pick out the errors of Atheism. I can pick out various errors in Catholicism, Judaism, Brahmanism or Hinduism as well as Islam. I can pick out errors of the Bible. One of the reasons that I choose to do this is because I was once a Christian. I grew up in a Christian household. By the time I was 17 Something came over me while I was reading the King James Version of the Bible. It was filled with so many inconsistencies.

First and foremost I am an African American. I am referred to as a Black Person. I thought it was a part or component of basic intelligence to know something about the African origins of Religion. I don’t know about all African Religions. I know a little about Egyptian religion of Antiquity. Egypt was and still is a part of the geographical setting of Africa.

The Christian Version of the Bible allegedly begins by way of a man named Moses writing the Torah which became part of the Old Testament. Some Christians want to debunk the entire Old Testament because they too see various flaws in it.

Moses was supposed to have been a Jew who grew up thinking he was an Egyptian. He was raised by Egyptians. As he got older he found out that he was born of Jewish parents. First and foremost I have to say that it all depends on who is telling the story and to whom the story is being told. It is very important to some people that the right words are used. Some people find great importance or significance in replacing the word or term Jew with the word or term Hebrew. This is important because it rightfully depicts certain era’s. There was a time there was no such thing as a Jew but there were such a thing as Hebrews.

Some people get the story twisted because they do not distinguish one people from another.So they end up talking about the wrong history and accredit a people to things they could not have been a part of.

Moses was supposed to have lived during the era of the life of the Pharaoh Ramses the second. The flaws I saw with the Biblical Moses was how Moses was supposedly trying to free the people of Israel from the slavery or bondage of Egypt. I knew that the Egyptians had not actually held Jews or Hebrews in slavery. I knew this because I knew a little about real Egyptian History not a Christian Version of it. In reality Hebrews were then merely a nomadic underclass in Egypt. Egyptians allowed people occupying parts of Egypt to hold their own religion and acquire land.There was no Hebrew bondage. Christianity had not as of yet existed.Hebrews were free to leave Egypt but at the time they were merely Nomads. In modern times Jews are still struggling to have and maintain a homeland.

Christians tell a different version of the Moses story and the Bible as a whole as opposed to Jewish stories, as opposed to Catholic stories. Yet Christians often brag about how Christianity derived from Judaism.How did God become a God of Judaism only to change his mind to become a God of Christianity? How did Judaism change from a so-called Abrahamic Hebrew Religion to become Roman and Greek Catholicism, Christianity and then Islam? Who was the real Moses?

Here I’m going to say according to Christiandome Moses was supposed to have been a Jew who grew up thinking he was an Egyptian. He was raised by Egyptians. As he got older he found out that he was born of Jewish parents. When Moses finds out he was actually Jewish he wants to help the Jews become their own independent nation.

Now I have to say that the Christian God and the Jewish God have never been the same deity. That’s why the two are different religious sects. Someone wanted to integrate two often opposing sects to empower one over the other.This was what cause Christianity. Christianity actually derived from Catholicism not Judaism. From a Christian view Moses was empowered by a Judeo Christian God. The Judeo Christian God shows Moses how to turn a rod or staff into a snake. Later the Judeo Christian God aids Moses to create plagues against the Egyptians of antiquity.

Oddly the Judeo Christian God seems to overlook the pyramids of Egypt. Ramses the second help build some of the great pyramids in Egypt. The Bible later makes reference to a step pyramid or Ziggurat known as a Tower of Babel. It refers to Sumeria as Babylon.Yet somehow the Judeo Christian God and his Judeo Christians, overlooks the accomplishments of Ramses the second while yet supposedly appearing to oppose Ramses.The Judeo Christian God does not even attempt to outdo the building of the pyramids but instead allegedly teaches Moses magic tricks. Magic tricks are supposed to outdo the building of the pyramids.

When I noticed this I acknowledged that Christians are almost required to not know anything about Egyptian culture. So they can say anything they want and go unrefuted as if they were speaking the truth based on fact.They rarely know much if anything about Hebrew or Jewish culture and religion either.

I know Christianity did not exist during the reign of the pharaoh Ramses the second. So there was no such a thing as a Judeo Christian God until much later in history when Judeo Christians created their concept of a God. They created their concept of a God by examining flaws they saw in both Catholicism and Judaism. They used a process of elimination by taking away the things they disagreed about a Jewish God and a Catholic God to make their concept of a Christian God. They then took Jewish and Catholic stories and used their process of elimination to make such stories apply to their own lifestyles. They made a God in the Image they wanted or wished he should be. They continue to do so while yet denying it.

So their Biblical story of a Jewish/Egyptian Moses becomes a Christian Moses. The Christian Moses can not exactly look or act like the Jewish or Egyptian.In fact the Christian Moses knows nothing about the Jews or the Egyptians of antiquity. He doesn’t even know who Ramses is or was. He has no idea Ramses helped build some of the pyramids in Egypt nor does he care.He speaks Shakespearean English. He also speaks of himself in third person.

As I continued to read the Bible I saw Blatant unremorseful flaws in it written by unremorseful, people most often men of medieval times. I was angered that my modern Religious leaders willfully lied to me to make me believe their mythology and superstition while referring to it as religion. A little later I was actually amused that I had been duped in the first place.

Yet the most dominant of Religions may think of God as a giant man that lives in the clouds. Many medieval people actually literally thought or “believed” there was an actual civilization in the clouds above mortal humanity. In the clouds was where the Gods lived. The Gods were actually made of flesh and blood, they could also die although they were referred to as immortals. What made them different from mortals was the fact a god or many Gods fashioned mortals or created mortals out of inanimate objects. A God or many Gods then breathed oxygen into sculptures or statues of a people or animals to make them come to life. Gods were shapeshifters who could turn into an animal or inanimate objects of their choosing.                                      

Another important thing I noticed about Catholocism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam was the fact of their claims of monotheism. Almost everyone I knew including Atheist refer to Catholics, Jews, Muslims and Christians as monotheist. Actually none of them have ever been monotheists. It was the Egyptians of antiquity whom created monotheism under the pharaoh Akhenaton the 4th.  Monotheism was then the acceptance of a sole monarchical deity, and an unacceptance of more than one monarchical deity.  Many people may say the belief in a sole God is the same thing but it’s not. Angels were also types of gods in the Catholic, Christian and Muslim theist mythology.There were positive Angels, neutral Angels and negative Angels. The negative Angels were referred to as Devils or Demons. There was a monarchical positive Angel, a monarchical Neutral Angel and the monarchical Negative Angel.The Bible referred to them as Sons of God although some were females. Theist don’t disbelieve.

The so called monarchical God had Angels to do all of his work for him, as he merely delegated such work. He never created a Heaven or an Earth because the Angels would have done it for him.    

  Everyone with a formal education knows there is no civilization in the clouds where the Gods or a God resides. Nearly no religious follower alive believes humanity was handcrafted out of inanimate a objects by a God or Gods. Nearly everyone alive with a formal education knows that a spiritual presence has to have a body to be defined. This means that it must have a physical body. A physical body is one made of either elements, compounds or mixtures. A physical body may be defined as a form of a singular or combination of vapor, liquid, solid or plasma. Yet this does not hinder people from lying about their own beliefs.  In modern times nearly no religious follower on Earth believes Theism is fact but it will not stop them from lying about it.Who are they lying to?                                                                                                                          


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