Chapter 2 Freely Revolving Journal Revised Standard Version(fiction)

     I don’t always agree with how some people define certain specific words. I often prefer to use a Thesaurus instead of a dictionary. I have noticed that many times how a word or term is used is somewhat overlooked by the makers of a dictionary. To give you an example I looked up the three lettered word God in a dictionary. Of course the definition Supreme Being stands out. This means the makers of the dictionary think there is a general definition for what a Supreme Being is. Yet the most dominant of Religions may think of God as a giant man that lives in the clouds. Many medieval people actually literally thought or “believed” there was an actual civilization in the clouds above mortal humanity. In the clouds was where the Gods lived. The Gods were actually made of flesh and blood, they could also die although they were referred to as immortals. What made them different from mortals was the fact a god or many Gods fashioned mortals or created mortals out of inanimate objects. A God or many Gods then breathed oxygen into sculptures or statues of a people or animals to make them come to life.                                                                                                                                                    

  In modern times the most faithful of religious followers does not believe in God or Gods but it will not stop them from professing a belief in God. Nowadays the variants of Gods are referred to as Angels. This would make almost all religious followers polytheistic by their own definition of polytheism. It will not hinder any religious follower from lying about their own belief.                                       

   Everyone with a formal education knows there is a civilization in the clouds where the Gods or a God resides. Nearly no religious follower alive believes humanity was handcrafted out of inanimate a objects by a God or Gods. Nearly everyone alive with a formal education knows that a spiritual presence has to have a body to be defined. This means that it must have a physical body. A physical body is one made of either elements, compounds or mixtures. A physical body may be defined as a form of a singular or combination of vapor, liquid, solid or plasma. Yet this does not hinder people from lying about their own beliefs.  In modern times nearly no religious follower on Earth believe                                                                                                  

    I know that when a person such as I know enough about my own history someone else would not be able to present a story such as the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve to me as if it were fact. Especially telling me a man named Moses birthed the Bible and Moses was a Jew who grew up as an Egyptian. I as an African American would or should know enough about African history to know there were African creation stories preexisting such a tale. I know there are many holes in the Biblical story of Moses. One of the major flaws in the Biblical story of Moses was the fact Moses doesn’t acknowledge the existence of the Pyramids. Christians refuse to think their beliefs through. The Judeo Christian God would have had to outdo the building of the pyramids to show forth superiority over that of the Egyptians and their deities as well as the Babylonians also known as Sumerians. This would mean that such a Judeo Christian Deity would have had to build longer lasting and older architectural structures than that of the Egyptians. Of course a Judeo Christian God could not do so. So the best way the so-called Hebrews and later the Christians knew to do was to simply overlook the existence of the pyramids. There were pyramids all over the world, not just the ones in Egypt. But the writers of the Bible only seemed to know of isolated areas in the Middle East or Africa.                                                                                           

   I find it odd that they did not entirely overlook the pyramids. They mentioned the Tower of Babel which would have been a step pyramid known as a Ziggurat. In modern times we reflect and acknowledge that at one time the pyramids were the world’s tallest buildings. Someone mentioned that the pyramids were so tall that they reached the heavens. In modern times we have skyscrapers that dwarf the pyramids in height. Nowadays making the comment about the tower of Babel reaching the Heavens would be an ignorant comment. Yet many people who read the Bible pretend that times have not changed since medieval times. They say their holy books are holy, sacred and pure and can’t be diluted, mixed or tampered with on the premise that times can not evolve. So they profess to strongly oppose science and evolution. We as atheist know they are lying. The duty of a theist is to lie, cheat and steal in the name of a religion and its God. The duty of an atheist is to expose the theist for being a lie, cheat and thief. Maybe we are both liars, thieves and cheats in opposition. Many words have more than one meaning.

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