Chapter 19 Freely Revolving Journal Revised Standard Version(fiction)


There may be as much as over 45 million African Americans and 319 million people in the United States. There may be well over 7 Billion people on this Earth. I just wanted to mention this. I also wanted to mention that since I Aton Body have been teleported to this dimension I think my ability to read and write have increased. It took me a mere 48 hours to read those three Stieg Larson books. I have decided to read every Louis L’amour, Toni Morrison, Walter Mosley, Manly P Hall, Richard Dawkins, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Fry, Sam Harris, Robert A Heinlen, Christopher Hitchens, David Mills, Aziz Nesin, Eric Jerome Dickey, Terry McMillan, and Ashley & Jaquavis books in print. I have already read every Ayn Rand, Ken Follet, Stephen King, Dale Brown, James Patterson, Lee Child and Janet Evanovich book to date.

                I often feel as if I want to have sex with most of the female characters these authors write about. When Black Man One Model Man showed me the millions of books he wrote I wanted to be included in at least one of the newer ones. When Able Brown showed me this journal I wanted to be included in it as well.

               I have recently given a great deal of thought to the concept of death. Lately on the news I have taken notice the recent murders of several teenagers. I have seen at least five high profile cases of teens gunned down by other teens. Almost every month police officers somewhere kill an unarmed black man. Some of these teens committed suicide. This version of earth is rather morbid. The thought of living an entire life devoting oneself to trying to be a good, moral and ethical person only to become a victim of another person’s criminal behavior could become haunting to some people. I don’t have to worry about such things anymore.

                In my former life I was the eldest of four children. I was then able to die of old age and be reborn on another version of the planet earth. I was born to the same parents. I was then one of five quintuplets. The person who gave me this incredible way of life should probably be considered a God or Deity. Yet most religious people only think of their God as a type of unseen being.

                For me when I apply analytic thought to any religious belief the belief makes little to no sense. Yet trillions of religious followers continue to live and then die never actually giving their religion much thought. It never crosses their mind to challenge such religious beliefs because they were lead to accept doing such was immoral and unethical. They were told such an act defies Law and order. Because of this I may never consider myself a religious person.

                 Now I live as a type of Immortal actor. A certain person writes the script and I live life as if it were a stage play. I live and die as the way the script was made for me. I was given a form of immortality by doing this. So I now question human tradition. I would guess if my parents were religious I probably would be as well. Luckily Able Brown has become our divine script writer. He made it possible none of us will be religious unless it’s an Atheist religion. Because of it we will live and die in a never ending loop. So when what others may consider death will be what I now know as form of reincarnation. I become a sperm being fertilized in an egg again. Somehow I was back in my own mother’s womb. I ended up with the same parents but my parents no longer have their same parents. None of our other family members are ever the same people. Each life is totally different. When offered this type of immortality I couldn’t say no. Unfortunately sometimes there will be friends and family I will miss. It will definitely change our views about life in general.

                 I formerly thought of death as the total annihilation of a person’s mind, body, space, matter, memory, time and energy. Now I merely think of it as a type of suspended animation. It may cause objects and objectives to become incapable of evolving beyond a specific point. This may make those who believe in a God stop evolving. Those who may believe in a holy ghost may end up becoming ghost one day.

              Today is my seventeenth birthday. I refused to be completely lead by television, video games, social media and many of the things those whom are my age are completely lead by. I also know there are poorer than there are the rich. In Africa there are well over a billion people. It is the rich who create jobs. So to a greater degree the rich create the law and order the rest of us live by. It becomes their law and order which controls everyone else. So they have created a type of dependency. Fortunately for me I have always been a freethinker. I came from a long ancestral line of rulers. These rulers acted as Kings, Queens, Gods, Goddesses’ as well as scientist. Because of it I have never solely accepted inferior superstitious perspectives. I find it odd for those whom have. I find it odd that there are African Americans who know nothing about Africa past or present. So they totally rely on religion.

                I have recently began reading the Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. Of course I couldn’t help but begin reading its Chapter 7 on race. The poor always make the wealthy even wealthier. Many times the poor remain dumbed down and mere slaves to the rich. They complain about it. Sometimes the poor educate themselves with criminal behavior.

               Now I live as a character in one of Able Brown’s science fiction books. One day my turn will come when I will be an author of life and Able Brown will become one of my fictional characters come to life. I refuse menial rose thus far. I acknowledge myself as an actor of life. Our union rep guarantees us fair employment and a continuation of roles for an eternity. I think this alternate planet earth has some similarities to the one I was teleported here from. Each planet earth has a strange domino effect on one another. There are ripple effects in the time continuum

               In this version of the United States most American citizens do not seem to know their Christopher Columbus never set foot on what became America. He instead landed on what became known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The dark skin Natives had tobacco and gold. Almost none of these historians seem to know much about Americus Vespucci for whom America was named.

               I’m interested in how my life will play out. It would be nice if Able Brown could turn me into a modern day superhero. I know he extraordinary plans for us I have to make a major change in my life and in the lives of others. I am not exactly sure how I’m going to do so as of yet. Now I am sort of laid back while residing on an alternate Planet Earth.  Everybody is waiting on me to either turn them into superheroes or some fantastic over the top life. I haven’t been able to blend such a type of life into this journal as of yet but I’m working on it.


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