Why I remain Atheist Part 1 AbsolveAsGaad:


There are millions of Christians that will collaborate their belief in God and in Jesus yet have opposing views of who or what God and Jesus really are. To a certain degree that’s not really a collaboration. This is why there are possibly hundreds of opposing sects of Christians all pretending to believe in the same thing although they really know they don’t. Denial is a major component of their overall faith, hope and belief. These are a people who base their entire religion on the premise that a Judeo Christian God only made man in his own image. Somehow as a Christian man, man must go out of his way to prove how different and how much of an opposite of God he is.

It seems to me that many if not all Religious followers are required to tell lies in order to maintain their overall religious hope, faith and belief. I was once a Christian. I was told that all Pagans were Devil worshipers. Of course I believed it without question. For a while I never even bothered to ask a Pagan what they believed because I thought I already knew as my Christian religious leaders had told me. As a teenager living in Springfield, Massachusetts I met some Pagans while I was in Job corps. I asked them why did they worship the Devil. They told me that they thought the concept of a devil was a created by Christians.This meant they never worshiped a devil because they didn’t know what a devil was until it was introduced to them by Christians. I didn’t just take the Pagans word for it. I did a little research.

I know that historically various religions believed in what we now refer to as a God or Gods. There were not very many religions if any that had a God devoted to exclusively to evil. The Devil was created as a an evil God in opposition of a Good God in a fight of the so-called spiritual good versus evil.

I also know that although Christians, Catholics and Jews profess to be monotheistic none of them actually were. All Christians, Catholics and some Jews believed in Angels. They also believed that all immortals were types of Gods which distinguished them from mortals which made such Gods Supernatural. Christians had come to accept that after pious Christians died they would become immortal Angels. In medieval times the concept of being an Angel or a God meant that such immortals defied the mortal laws of physics, gravity and a criminal justice system. Angels were types of Gods. Religious followers were required to pretend they didn’t know it.

The term “monotheism” was initially denoted to the belief or acceptance of a monarchical deity or GOD. This was the non acceptance of more than one monarchical deity.The belief in one God and the belief in a monarchical God do not actually mean the same thing. The belief in one God should indicates the disbelief in any other God. Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in the existence of a devil and the existence of various Angels. Since they do not think to refer to their Devil and the various Angels as Gods does not mean that the Devil or any Angel were not a God or Gods. Being thoughtless about your own religion is a requirement in many mainstream religions. It helps followers remain in a religiously dumbed down state.

In the origins of Christianity the Judeo Christian God always had help doing everything he did. The Heavens and the Earth were made with the assistance of Angels whether good or evil. Throughout the Bible there is very little if anything the Judeo Christian God does himself.

Many of the Christians who referred to non Christians as Pagan knew that many Pagans believed or accepted a monarchical deity or God as the ruler of all. This would have made many of the Pagans monotheistic. The Christians simply renamed all of these various Gods under the title of Angels. Then there were good Angels in opposition of evil angels renamed Demons or Devils. Over time monarchs would be overthrown as these Angels fought for dominance, morals, ethics, survival and adaptation. Many of such Angels were children or talking animals.The actions of the Angels made heaven and hell much like that of earthly political structures. But some followers and leaders didn’t want their religion to seem so earthly because it was supposed to be supernatural. Anything supernatural was supposed to be above or below mortal nature. Above Nature was Supernatural or extraordinarily good. Below nature was Supernaturally bad or extraordinarily evil.

Most Christians faithfully remain ignorant about the origins and history of their own religion. Those who are not ignorant seem to prefer to pretend no Christian alive is ignorant about their religion as if all religious followers and leaders become scholars of belief,hope, and faith. This then makes them ignorant as well for holding such a ridiculous and unrealistic perspective. Christianity is anti African, Anti Egyptian and anti Jewish.

Egypt is and always has been part of Northern Africa. I say it is anti African because it does not promote an African civilization or culture. It doesn’t promote a Jewish civilization or culture either albeit it is almost always said to have derived from Judaism. But it actually never derived from Judaism because it derived from Catholicism. In the year 382 Pope Jerome established the Vulgate. That would indicate there was no Bible until the Vulgate became an interpretation of the Bible. The Vulgate actually became the Bible. Before there was a Bible there was no religion known as Christianity because they had no holy Book to reflect their Christian faith, hope or belief. The council of Nicea created the Nicene creed which stated that Jesus Christ was a type of mortal/immortal God or deity. Before there was a Nicean creed those whom were forming what became Christianity were trying to conform it with a structure to define it. In order to define Christianity they sought to create rules, law and order which became their religious dogma or cannon which ended up becoming the Bible. They had to choose which books or scrolls and tablets went in the Bible and it lead to divisions which became offshoots of Catholicism, Christianity and Judaism.

Thus many Bibles were formed and Translated by Greeks and Romans to make the Greek and Roman Catholic Orthodox and non Orthodox church. From the Greek and Roman church came Christianity claiming to be offshoots of Judaism aimed to oppose Judaism as well as the Catholic church from where it derived. As I write this it is said to be July of 2015. Many people assume the Religion called Christianity was around for 2015 years.
Christianity did not exist 2015 years ago. This date was said to have been approximately 2015 years after the birth of Jesus Christ. Christianity was created long after the person said to have been Jesus Christ had died. Because of this I am somewhat amused by the fact Christians proudly say Moses a white Jew wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. They say this as if a white Jew named Moses purposely wrote books which he knew were to become the Christian Bible because a Judeo Christian God told him so. In reality Moses would not have known what either or neither Judaism or Christianity was.

The Biblical Moses was proved to not have a clue who Ramses was. The Biblical Moses did not know Ramses aided to build some of the pyramids in Egypt. If he had of known he would definitely not have attempted to convert the Egyptians or a group of Jews as Children of Israel into Judaism or Christianity even if they had existed during that time. I say this because The Judeo Christian God could not outdo the building of the pyramids. In order for such a Judeo Christian God to outdo the building of the pyramids he would have had to build older longer lasting architectural structures. Instead, the Judeo Christian God alleges to show Moses a magic trick of turning a rod, staff, or stick into a snake. In modern times such a magic trick should be considered sacrilegious. But in medieval times magic was a key component of nearly every religion. This actually disproves the existence of Moses. Besides the fact Moses never says he did or saw anything. The writer pretending to speak for Moses wrote in third person.

These were part of a reason I became an atheist at the age of 17 although I was born an atheist. I grew up going to church as a family tradition brought to me by my mother. She told me that she grew up going to church although I had never known her mother, my grandmother to go to church. One of my mother’s sisters, a now deceased Aunt of mine was an assistant Pastor of a church in Massachusetts.

When I read the Bible I took notice that Adam and Eve never spoke for themselves to give their side of the story. The Judeo Christian God does not speak for himself either because he was allegedly using Moses. Christians give numerous excuses for this depending on who is telling the story.Since I knew a little about African/Egyptian history I also knew Christianity did not exist during the reign of the pharaoh Ramses. Moses couldn’t have either. Now I get the chance to tell the story. I became weary of religious leaders telling me their side of the story. I found their perspective was nothing more or less than blatant lies. It becomes a fictional story and at best a lousy speculation.

To begin with I found that what became the Bible initiated from the founders of writing itself.The creators of written language as I knew it was not founded by white people. Egyptians created their written language around the same time another group of people began theirs, and neither of these groups of people were a white people. They wrote stories of their rites, rituals, symbolisms and mythology. They were later known as Egyptians, Akkadians and Sumerians. There were African people preexisting them which founded them or birthed them. Later in history Europeans took these writings to translated them and retranslated them. Many times what was once the stories of an African and Middle Eastern people became retranslated in such a way African and Middle Eastern people were taken out of their own story to be completely replaced with Europeans. We later got a Bible where nearly everyone from Adam to Zacharias was a white man, woman or child who worshipped a white Deity or God pertaining to their society, subculture and culture.Those stories were later told to the descendants of Africans and Middle Eastern people some of which whom became African Americans or Blacks who had no overall clue of their own history preexisting the slave trade. So as slaves Biblical tales became part of their religious hopes, faiths and beliefs thought to be actual facts.

These Slaves and apparently most of their descendants never bothered to find out about their own actual origin and history. These so called black people proudly yelled “Pharoah let my people go.” As if Egypt had never been part of Africa. As if Africans had never been slaves in America and whites had never enslaved them because, it was the Egyptians whom had enslaved them. So as far as they were concerned there was no “Black history” before the transatlantic slave trade. The Bible replaced their African history or any history preexisting Christianity. Now these so called blacks proudly denounce astronomy, astrology and astrophysics as “man playing God”. They refer to Egyptian symbols and other African symbols as “Demonic”.

The African/Egyptians of antiquity adamantly studied astronomy, astrology and astrophysics. The modern Christian and Muslim Blacks not only denounce the Egyptians of antiquity they denounce science, astronomy and astrophysics. The descendents of the white slave masters who forced slaves and the natives into Christianity studied the Egyptians of antiquity and claimed to be their descendants. Now nearly everyone from Adam to Zachariah written of in the Bible can become a white man, woman or child to be worshiped by blacks as holy, sacred and pure saints. I think that’s the most backward Coon/ sell out tradition adamantly secured and praised as if moral and ethical among African Americans. Even in modern times African American Christians refuse to learn nor value a history preexisting Christianity even if it means to learn about their own pre-American heritage.

Nearly the only thing Atheist have in common is their disbelief or disproof of a God or Gods. Some Atheist agree with Theist and actually defend Theist against other Atheist. many Theist and atheist profess that there is no way to prove or disprove a God or Gods existence. I beg to differ. It all depends on how a person defines such a three lettered word.

Atheist are not the majority in the United States and have never been. Almost 85% of the United States were Christian at one time in US history. That number is on the decline because the number of Muslims and non affiliated religions or lack of religious belief has risen.

The Wright brothers were Christians during a time the Christian thing to say was “If God wanted man to fly he would have given him wings” Christians once denounced equality between men and women and between different racial groups.They promoted the notion of racial and gender slavery because it was in the Bible. Some of the religious followers and leaders sought reform and they got it. Reform is another word for evolution.They acknowledged that a medieval way of life can not always work in modern times. There were no or not many absolute rules rules which apply to 391 million people nor 7 Billion people.

I have experienced being a Christian. Many Atheist were once religious followers. Now I’m writing this to show and prove why I am no longer a religious follower by and from my own personal experience.

Has any Christian had a personal relationship with Christ literally? Why Lie about it?The man , the literal actual human being they now refer to as Jesus the Christ was never known by that title or name in his entire life. Scholars agree that his name would have been Yeshua. Some refer to him as Yeshua son of Yusef or Yeshua Ben Yusef. The name Jesus and Joseph are retranslations of their names. According to modern Christians the pseudonym Jesus the Christ is a far more precious and holy of a name than that of the literal name he would have been known by because the real name sounds far too ethnic. So they would much rather continue referring to him by the pseudonym instead of his literal actual name but they want to be taken literally. His life took place in the Middle East and Africa. Many Europeans converted to the way of life of Nomadic Akkadians, Hebrews and Egyptians only to refer to themselves as Jews. So how did Christianity become the children of Israel but not the Jews? Christians made up a story where their Judeo Christian God whom was once the Jewish God chose Christians and denounced the Jews himself. He did this by allowing Romans to kill his earthly mortal/immortal son. Who told me this? Christians did and I don’t believe a word of it. As far as Christians are concerned Jews have no say on this.It is the Christians holy word that determines truth.I know that their word to be falsehood.


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