Why do atheists argue there is no god? No one can prove or disprove the existence of deities, so why can’t they simply follow apatheism?

Answer by Rod Fleming:

This is based on a false premise. We can indeed and have, many times over, disproved the existence of theist gods — Jahweh, Allah, a few million here and there. These are all micromanager gods –who not only created but are actually deciding everything, from which spermatozoon in the squazzillions that are ejaculated every day, gets to fertilise which ovum, of the slightly fewer but still billions that are released every month, to exactly how many raindrops will fall tomorrow and where and at the same time are monitoring every single thing you do, and even every single thing you think, and judging you for it, even if you're asleep at the time. That's right folks, a horny dream is actually a sin.

Common sense alone should tell you this is all total, complete and utter BS so woops, out go most if not all of the Earthly religions. (But we have much bigger hammers with which to destroy the premise, should we need them, do not fret.)

There is another class of 'god' however, the deist one. This cunning feller creates the universe and then buggers off to leave it to get on with it. It's kind of like a supra-universal fairy hippopotmus, happily farting universes into existence and caring about them about as much after wards. But since it's outside the universe, we can't see it, so…we can't prove it's not there. Now, you know, I think need your head looked if you believe arrant tosh like this, but I still cannot disprove it. I have to accept that yes, it is, remotely, possible that there is such a hippopotamus and that our universe is the consequence of its flatulence.

I don't really like apatheism because not a day goes by but I see the horrible damage that religion does. I can't really be apathetic about throwing young men off high buildings or making children believe they will burn in hell fire for eternity — for playing with their privates. So I am definitely an atheist, although I am not, as you will surmise from the above, an 'adeist'.

Why do atheists argue there is no god? No one can prove or disprove the existence of deities, so why can't they simply follow apatheism?


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