What is the most convincing evidence that the Bible is not historically or scientifically accurate?

There are far to many things to list. I noticed that the pyramids of Egypt were somewhat selectively overlooked by Moses when Moses was supposed to have known the Pharaoh Ramses personally. The Biblical Moses didn’t know Ramses aided build some of the great pyramids to which the Hebrew Deity was incapable of doing a feat which would out do the act of building the pyramids.

Moses was allegedly aiding the Hebrew Deity show forth its supremacy and superiority over that of the Egyptians and Sumerians then known as Babylonians and their Gods. To show forth supremacy such a Hebrew God would have had to out do the Egyptians and Sumerians greatest accomplishments which were pyramid building. But instead the main focus wasn’t the feat of building greater, longer lasting and more meaningful architectural structures. The Hebrews selectively overlooked the pyramids in Egypt and other parts of Africa as if they didn’t exist.

Somehow many white supremacist and some Jews then stated that no Africans ever had a civilization or made any contributions to humanity as a whole, This was used as a platform to spread racism, sexism, homophobia and any other fear. Depending on which Bible was read. This interpretation came from the King James Version.

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