What is the most convincing evidence that the Bible is not historically or scientifically accurate?

Derek Williams, Incurably curious and endlessly interested in too many things to list.

It would be required to first establish WHICH BIBLE is the question related to?

There are many diverse and different, confused and internally contradictory, historically inaccurate and scientifically absurd versions of bibles that first appeared in the 3rd century.

The oldest extant book form bibles (Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus) date from the late 4th century and were written by small teams of human scribes who left us clear and distinct hand writing and writing styles – but not any record of these authors names.

Codex Sinaiticus

Manuscript GA 03 – CSNTM – Codex Vaticanus

Vat.gr.1209 | DigiVatLib

The oldest/first bibles differ in thousands of ways from later versions and they in turn differ from each other and from the many versions of bibles in circulation today.

Prof Bart Ehrman is one of the world’s leading bible experts and he was a born again Bible-believing Evangelical until he read the original Greek texts and noticed the many thousands of discrepancies, contradictions and historical inaccuracy.

Prof Ehrman says: “The Bible we now use can’t be the inerrant word of God, since what we have are the all too often mistaken words copied by fallible scribes. When people ask me if the Bible is the word of God I answer ‘which Bible?'”

A carefully researched cross reference to the many contradictions and the barbarity to be found within bibles can be studied here:

BibViz Project – Bible Contradictions, Misogyny, Violence, Inaccuracies interactively visualized

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