Why do some atheists argue with religious people? by Marcus Geduld

Why do some atheists argue with religious people? by Marcus Geduld

Sometime when you’re bored, go into ten of the contentious atheism-vs-religion threads and count the number of aggressive atheists who are participating. Keep that in mind plus the fact that there are approximately 140,000,000 atheists in the world. (See Demographics of atheism.)

Note also that …

“… researchers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga decided to poll and interview non-believers to find out what kind of people abandon religious faith and why. Based on this research, the project authors were able to divide non-believers into six basic categories, some of which may surprise you.

First things first: While atheists have a public image of being dogmatic and belligerent—an image that famous atheists like Bill Maher only end up reinforcing—researchers found that to absolutely not be true. Only 15 percent of non-believers even fit in the category of those who actively seek out religious people to argue with, and the subset that are dogmatic about it are probably even smaller than that.”

— http://www.salon.com/2013/07/13/… [Emphasis added.]

Moral: argumentative people are argumentative, and since the majority of people who aren’t don’t argue in argumentative threads, you don’t notice them.

Why are some atheists argumentative? Because they were abused as kids by the minority of theists who are abusive, and like most people who have been bullied, they’re angry. Or they believe theists cause political and/or social problems. Or they’re devoted to truths and believe theists spread untruths. Or, as adults, they’ve been persecuted (or frequently) annoyed by prostyelatizers and they’re fighting back.

People tend to be argumentative for one of three reasons, any of which might apply (and surely does) to various argumentative atheists:

1. The believe something is wrong in the world and (wrongly, in my view) feel that arguing may set it right.

2. They are pissed off and feel the need to vent.

3. They want attention and figure outraging people is a good way to get it.

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