What is the most heated debate you’ve ever had with a theist as an atheist? by Alberto Shmo

What is the most heated debate you’ve ever had with a theist as an atheist? by Alberto

Literally every single debate I have with a theist where said theist attempts, for whatever reason, justifying the acts of genocide that occur in the Old Testament.

I cannot stand those arguments. The first I’ve had was at college, where a theist I knew tried convincing me to go to church with him. I politely said no, and said that I personally found the God he believed in to be reprehensibly immoral. He asked why, and I gave the example of the Canaanites being wiped out. This is when a group of people nearby heard us talking about this and decided to interfere, claiming that the Canaanites and other groups like them deserved to be wiped from the face of the earth because of how they acted. I was shocked and have asked if the same defense for Hitler worked too (e.g. “The Jews deserved to be wiped out), and ever since that unpleasant engagement I have referred to my typical response to this defense of genocide as “the Hitler defense.” Essentially, I take the theist’s statement about genocide and trying to defend the act of God doing it, and instead replace ‘God’ with ‘Hitler’ and I ask that person if he/she believes its a good defense. The debate was, however, unpleasant, largely because they either missed the point or side-stepped around it and instead told me how savage those people were and how they deserved to be wiped from existence.

Lately, I’ve had two debates similar to this on Quora, and both have been equally unpleasant. The first I had on Quora was on an answer of mine, in which the individual stated that groups like the Canaanites deserved to be wiped away from the planet, and I simply replied demanding an apology for such a disgusting statement. He refused, so I simply blocked him and reported a post he left that I considered straight up harassment. Another occurred recently and this person has since stopped replying to me, which I believe is for the best.

Still, ANY defense of genocide of any kind in the 21st century, no matter whatever the group being killed off did (many of other groups have done far worse than what Christians typically claim the Canaanites did), is morally repugnant in my books. Whenever I enter these debates, I simply end up repeating myself and using what I call ‘the Hitler defense,’ only for everything I said to be largely ignored and for genocide to still be defended. I just cannot understand how anyone in the 21st century can legitimately defend genocide, but they exist out there and every discussion I have on this matter ends in immense dissatisfaction and frustration just at the thought of having to defend the right of people not to be wiped from existence.

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