Why don’t Christians, Jews and Muslims acknowledge they are worshipping the same god? by Michael DeMartino

Why don’t Christians, Jews and Muslims acknowledge they are worshipping the same god? by Michael DeMartino

I will give you the short and sweet answer.

At the root of all faiths, they are Abrahamic. They are rooted in the forefathers of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

The logic of this means that all faiths are worshiping the same God…but there’s a catch. All three disagree on the details of what God has ordered. They all claim to be worshiping the same God but they each are promoting messages which contradict one another.

Keep in mind that these religious explanations are extremely shorthanded. The differences between each are much more complicated than the short list I am presenting. This is simplified for arguments sake.

The Jews claim to have gotten the first (and only) message from Hashem. Their claim is as follows.

  • God entered into a covenant with the Jewish people. All people are part of the plan but the Jews must honor specific laws as part of this covenant.
  • There is one God and that God is one in all things. The original monotheism.
  • Salvation is granted to all people who repent for their wrongs, make peace with those they have wronged, and simply start living life according to God’s laws.
  • The Torah is the unshakable and definitive word of God. There are no others and this Torah will be the blueprint of the Jewish people and God’s will on earth.
  • There will come a being known as the Mashiach which will bring about the Messianic Age of peace and spiritual enlightenment.

The Christians claim that the Jews are correct in most of the things they claim but that the covenant has been changed. Their new covenant contradicts things established by the Jews.

  • The Mashiach came and his name was Jesus Christ (Jews reject him for scriptural reasons)
  • Salvation is no longer gained through the old method. A person can now only gain salvation through accepting Jesus as your lord and savior.
  • God is no longer a single entity but three different entities in one existence. They call this the Holy Trinity.
  • The Torah is now the Old Testament and the New Testament takes precedence since it teaches the story of Jesus Christ.
  • Rather than the Jews being the people who must carry the weight of God’s laws, all humans are required to enter into this new covenant for salvation.

The Muslims claim that the Jews were originally correct in that they did receive a word. They claim this word has been corrupted and that God sent a new word in a totally different language (new Holy Language) which went to Muhammad through Gabriel.

  • God is back to a singular entity again.
  • Salvation now falls into a place between Christianity and Judaism. All humans are obligated to follow the laws but Islam doesn’t have a singular being you must endorse (AKA Jesus), you simply follow the laws.
  • The Torah is a flawed document which the Jews screwed up during their history. The Quran is the new law which must be followed. This word is now the unshakable and definitive word of God and it must be followed by the whole of humanity.
  • The new holy language is Arabic.
  • There will be an end times where Jesus comes back to fight the Anti-Messiah. They agree there’s a second coming of Jesus.

You should start to be able to understand what I’m getting at here. They are all claiming to be worshiping the same God but they are all speaking of an entirely different set of rules coming from the same being.

Assuming one of these faiths is correct, two of these people are lying/are deceived or God is kind of an asshole.

The point I am getting at is that it’s hard to argue you are all worshiping the same God when you all claim God gave you a set of rules which are different from the other person’s.

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