If science could prove the existence of God, would every one on Earth believe in God’s existence then?


Science has proven that there is global warming. According to Donald J. Trump, global warming is a hoax.[1]

Science has proven that vaccines are important in preventing fatal diseases. According to a certain demographic, vaccines can cause autism, giving rise an anti-vaccination movement that’s being sponsored and supported.[2]

Science has proven that the Earth is in fact, a globe. According to the Flat Earth Society, it’s complete bullshit.[3]

There will always be people like them that do not trust science — or anything that goes against their beliefs, to be more specific. Even if a group of universities, a large research body and thousands of scientific studies are published that give evidence on the existence of God, there will be staunch atheists and non-believers. These people will denounce the study, discredit it and just outrightly not believing it.

I assume you’re asking this question with the intention of finding out a way to allow everyone to believe. I propose a few methods:

  1. Terminate everyone who doesn’t believe in God silently and leave those who do in an area that educates everyone heavily on the existence of God.
  2. Call upon God to come down to prove His existence — for all the staunch atheists who have to ‘see’ physical evidence.

Until then, there is literally no way for any non-believer to believe in God without actually seeing Him.



[1] Donald J. Trump on Twitter

[2] Trial Lawyers and Dem Donors Support Anti-Vaccination Movement

[3] The Flat Earth Society

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