On theology, who provided the most compelling arguments Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris?

In the Holy Trinity of Atheism, each is compelling, but along different dimensions:

Sam Harris, The Father. He provides the most clearly articulated views. His positions are refined and sublime. His logic is incredibly deep. His insights profound. His ability to articulate these things clearly is unmatched. This puts him in the highest position.

Richard Dawkins, The Son. He is the most down-to-Earth—literally. He’s a biologist, and his arguments are rooted in evolution, science, empirical observation, and the here-and-now. He offers the most practical and applicable ideas of the three.

Christopher Hitchens, The Holy Spirit. He has the greatest ability to energize and excite his people. His logic is not always as sound as The Father’s, nor his facts as thorough as The Son’s, but in terms of greatest energy, presence, and galvanization of The Faithful, he wins hands-down.

Can I get an Amen!

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