Why do some theists keep asking the same questions about atheists and ignoring the answers?

Al Nelson, Heard you, don’t believe, no thanks

I’ve noticed that asking questions of atheists, then ignoring the answers, is a stock form of Christian Apologetic these days. The trolls of god.

The first time I noticed it, was here on Quora about 2 years ago. As often happens, the latest Christian soldier had created a new account to go show those atheists a thing or two. We get a new one nearly every quarter and they tend to get banned or calm down just before the next one comes along.

Anyway, he was slinging out the same old questions; Pascal’s wager, appeal to popularity, appeal to authority, et cetera, et cetera. In one post, he mentioned his web site, where we could find a full questionnaire for atheists (and his books on apologetics for sale). The questionnaire would set us right, at last.

Maybe he expected a couple of dozen respondents, but he got hundreds and hundreds of calm, fact-filled, well written responses. It was a showpiece of atheist thought. Yet he said nothing back.

One of the faithful finally asked him, there in his forum, when he would begin to refute these thinking atheists. He was honest enough to answer that he never would. He wouldn’t even read them. He never intended to. His whole purpose was to cause Christians to read the questions and think, “Oh, good one. I bet that will catch them unprepared,” or, “That is a good point; I never thought of that.”

He said that the questions did the work and didn’t require answers or atheists, since apologetics are aimed at weak believers; to pull them back in. In fact, he advised against reading the answers, to avoid having your faith eroded.

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