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Atheists, if tomorrow it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that gods exist, would you want…

I think that this would change everything … for the theists.

Atheists would accept the existence of an unimaginably powerful sentient being and would be very thrilled to talk to him and find out what all this really is about. That’s an option they thought possible anyway, although they would probably be pretty surprised at first. I know I would.

Theists would probably go into riots, for the same reason why they find Pascal’s Wager convincing: there may be only one god, but humans believe in thousands of different gods. All descriptions of gods are highly contradictory, but theists think their god is real and everything else is not. The god that is proven will AT MOST be like one of those gods, when we consider how holy texts came into existence, probably like none. So theists still have their beliefs but now they have a proven god that’s nothing like their beliefs. Some would probably accept him instead, a lot of the theists would call him an impostor.

This scenario, while presented like it would be a problem for atheists, in reality would be a problem for theists.

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