What is the evidence against the existence of God?

The main problem I found in a belief in any deity or God is how such a God is or was defined. Most people who say they believe in a God can’t define an infinite omnipotent, omniscience,omnipresence in finite terms because it always becomes contradictory.

Most who proclaim their perception of God is one of a type if superhuman immortal without flaws and weakness. They then disprove their definition of God and never seem conscious of their own disproof. Some people only link emmotioal issues to God which doesn’t prove or even show any form of omnipotence, omnipresence, or omniscience.

What some people define as a form of omnipotence in a God lacks imagination. Another person can make a far greater illustration of omnipotence.

Many Abrahamic religious followers selectivelly overlook the alleged power of Angels. Angels were types of Gods. The Christian Bible often referred to Angels as sons of God. This clearly disproves monotheism. But it only clearly disproves monotheism to those who are conscious.

Monotheism should be defined as the worship of a monarchical deity or god. Monotheist then pit their monarchs against one another. I could go on and on……I could write a book about the evidence against the existence of God.

The concept of a devil was initially developed as a God of monarchical evil pitted against a God of monarchical or hierarchical good.

Another thing I noticed was the fact when religious followers don’t know certain things about science, astronomy or astrophysics their God doesn’t know. Followers are required to be unconscious of certain things instead of learning and becoming more consciously aware. They think their logical and all wise God chose for them as his followers to be somewhat opposite of him.

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