Whose worse, the devil or god?

People always they the devil is the cause of evil, even though in Isaiah 45:7, II Kings 6:33, Job 2:10 and Amos 3:6, it states that evil comes from the lord.  That’s the problem with being an antichrist who read the bible.  You know more than the christians about that damn book.  But I’ve pondered, who is worse?  God created the devil, surely he could have stopped him before his angelic revolution.  But he didn’t.  Now he apparently dwells on earth, creating evil in the hearts of men.  But that’s the way the devil is.  Does the devil have capacity to do good?  Of course not, says the religious folk.  He is pure evil.  I don’t buy it.  But let’s say it is true.  Then it is in the devil’s very nature to be evil.  Then why not kill him, or banish him where he and his minions can do no harm?  Isn’t it gods responsibility to protect us from evil?  Guess not.  Anyways, I have a story that shows my point on who is worse, the devil or god.

There is a family that lives in the forest.  Mother, father and their child.  Their is no wickedness in them.  The child grows up, tends to the garden, gathers the food, hunts for meat and furs, and is generally a good kid who obeys his parents.  One day, the father takes his child to a cliff, and says, “See all that is around you, and know that it is yours.  Tend for it, and it shall take care of you.  But stay away from the east, for there is a cave with a wolf that will kill you.”  The kid, naturally, believes his father and doesn’t go east.  But as parents know, a human child is very curious.  The child has never seen a wolf.  Is it truly as ferocious as the parents say?  So the kid starts wandering east, going further and further each day.  He means no harm, he’s merely curious.  One day, the child wanders further east than he ever has before.  He thinks to himself, I am too far east.  The wolf will see me.  I must return.  But a small part of his brain says, I’m already this far.  What will one peak do?  So he decides to go east and see this cave.  He discovers the cave, with the wolf sleeping out front.  He finds the wolf to be large and fearsome, just as his father said.  His curiousity is satisfied, and he will never come here again..  Why would he?  As he turns around to leave, the wolf wakes up and attacks the child.  The child screams.  The father hears the scream and knows what is happening.   He grabs his gun, loads it, and brings spare ammunition.  He runs to his child, screaming, “I am coming.  I will save you.  I am coming.  I will save you.”  The boy is yelling, “I’m sorry dad.  Please save me.”  The father arrives.  He sees his son, bloodied and torn, being maliciously attacked by the wolf.  His child pleads for help and forgiveness. The father raises his rifle, assuring his child that he will save them.  He’s got the perfect shot.  He will kill the wolf and spare his offspring.  One pull of the trigger.  But he doesn’t pull the trigger.  Instead, he lowers his gun, sits by a tree, and watches.

Who is worse?  The wolf that attacks the child or the father that does nothing?

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