How do you think the concept of God came into existence? Assuming that God is a human creation, how and why was he created?

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr aka Absolve AsGaad:  Self-Employed

The question asked How do you think the concept of God came into existence? Assuming that God is a human creation, how and why was he created?

How and Why!

How God came into existence was the fact humans accredited the answer to most of their questions to something they could worship, pray to and constantly praise. How God came into existence was the fact humans could examine themselves and find their own weakness and profess their God could not have such weakness. Humans could also examine themselves and find their own strengths to profess that their God possessed all of those strengths.

Why was the concept of a God created? Humanity sought an origin or beginning and end. From an earthly or planetary standpoint the humans of antiquity looked to the stars. They then personified the sun, moon and stars as deities or the Universe itself became a deity. They knew it all began with the universe and with the sun, moon and stars of astronomy.

Some people saw Religion as a way to control the masses. Religious leaders became to controllers of the masses or Oracles and Shamans.


Enemies of god? Laugh of the day.

A Tale Unfolds

Those who are atheist or agnostics are in fact enemies of God.

Really? I am beginning to suspect there is a special school called Theological Credulity Seminary, where the sole entrance qualification is limited to acknowledging that Jesus taught from the KJV.

I even read this morning of a survey which showed that 10% of Americans think that Sodom and Gomorrah were a married couple.

You have to laugh!


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Enemies of god? Laugh of the day. Posted on March 14, 2018 by Arkenaten

Those who are atheist or agnostics are in fact enemies of God.


Really? I am beginning to suspect there is a special school called Theological Credulity Seminary, where the sole entrance qualification is limited to acknowledging that Jesus taught from the KJV.

I even read this morning of a survey which showed that 10% of Americans think that Sodom and Gomorrah were a married couple.

You have to laugh!


What do you think of religious people who believe that natural disasters are caused by the presence of homosexual/LGBT people?

Kenneth Andre Brown Sr aka AbsolveAsGaad: Self-Employed

The question asked What do you think of religious people who believe that natural disasters are caused by the presence of homosexual/LGBT people?

What is belief? Belief is to accept or come to a conclusion without critical thought or analysis. This means If i just met you and you tell me your name is John I may accept or believe you without question. When I find out your name is not John my belief did not make it factual.

Many people who profess a belief in something most often never really gave a whole lot of thought to what they profess to have believed in. When they really think about it they know they are blatantly lying. Many people say that blatantly lying is very immoral and unethical. Every religious follower blatantly lies about their own religious beliefs. That’s one of the reasons I became an Atheist.

Freely Revolving Journal Chapt 11

  Chapter 11

March 6, 2006 I’ve just completed a yet to be published book entitled Development 462. As the story has it we can now live in a world where artificial intelligence resonates in nearly every aspect of human life. Our homes, computers, cellphones, transportation and tools we use can now come in the form of an AI. Some textile manufacturers are finding ways to turn our daily garments into AI. But what does it all mean?

Well, it translates into inanimate objects being able to communicate freely with humanity. This also means the inanimate objects which once couldn’t have possibly had a soul have been given a soul by humanity. This means inanimate objects without a conscious can now be given a conscience.

We now live in a world where I Able Story Brown has become Earth’s sole richest person. I did so by taking control of a corporation which lead the overall development and research for the advancement of artificial intelligence. It had seemed that for thousands of years it was deemed impossible to manufacture and mass produce a synthetically made conscious human AI. Scientist and Physicians alike simply lived in a world where they couldn’t know enough to make such a feat possible.

The most dominant of all religions promoted fear and ignorance. In order to stop human evolution religious leaders taught all of their followers that rising above a very low level of intellect had actually the act of humanity playing the role of a God.

God was supposed to have been an all wise and intellect created as a superhuman immortal. Mortal humanity was never supposed to rise above the intellect of merely just groveling at the feet of such a superhuman immortal. Most religions had come to accept God as an alpha male whom deserved constant praise and adoration. Somehow as a holy ghost God and his angels always knew the Earth revolved around the sun while such a God and his angels’ mortal human followers hadn’t known of this until they were convinced of it by a group of atheist.

Religious followers believed in their followers because they were simply told by their religious leaders the religious leader was God’s bridge between the mortal or physical plane and God’s spiritual realm. Religious leaders existed as the mediator between God and mortal humanity. No religious follower on Earth would ever be conscious enough to know if they were being deceived by their leaders or not. They wouldn’t know that bridging God and his followers would make them identical to God. Instead of being bridged to be made identical the followers would be made to become the very opposite of their God by the religious leaders.

It was the work of the High Council of Elders who had created the one million human AI’s to be known as Development 462. These perfected conscious human male and female AI’s were created as Babies who would grow up to be adults. The High Council had duly contemplated doing away with the term AI when it came to producing these very conscious synthetic made humans. Albeit they were made in a laboratory and mass produced in factories they were human.

I think one of the major errors made was the notion that Development 462 could become valued legal slaves of the future. Some high paying consumers wanted to use them as high priced sex toys. Other high paying customers came up with the idea that it would be cheaper to make these human AI’s work for a pharmaceutical corporation without pay. The pharmaceutical corporation could then make an enormous interstellar profit. The AI’s had been to work without pay, complaints or breaks 18 to 20 hours a day. Development 462 was to be treated like robots because most mortal humans wouldn’t have known the difference between a robot human and a human AI.

Unlike the regular standard human the AI’s of Development 462 could consume things which would almost immediately kill the average so called normal standard human. They had to digest a large intake of salts. Each AI had selective X ray vision, a photogenic memory, somewhat superhuman intellect, infra-red vision, super speed, strength, sight, touch, taste, and hearing.

When I wrote this book and got it published I also made a video game for it. In the videogame the population of Saturn was limited to the numbers of 1,892,0065,000 animals, 24 Billion mortal humans and 8 Billion metahumans. The metahumans consisted of Vampires, Werewolves, Ghost, Fairies and Mixed Raced or mixed species metahumans.

One of the types of mixed species metahumans had the upper body of a human but the lower body of an animal of either the land, air, or an animal found in a body of water. The other type of mixed species metahumans had the upper body of an animal of either the land, air, or an animal found in a body of water while its lower body appeared to be that of a human.

Fairies came in three different sub species. One type of fairy as an adult only stood six inches tall. They had colorful wings much like the wings of a monarch butterfly. Another type of fairy as an adult only stood a foot tall. They bore wings which looked more like the wings found on a dragonfly. The third type of fairy looked much like an average or standard human. They had no wings but still could fly.

One of the many controversies surrounding the game version of Development 462 was its explicit sex and violent scenes. Game players could play the role of an AI, Law enforcer, Pimp, Prostitute, Drug dealer, a corrupt religious leader or one of the members of the Neo God’s squad. Most critics of the game and the movie version of the game have said that such games and movies contained more sex and violence than a standard porn movie or documentary of war. Some critics have complained about game players confusing facts with fiction because of the game and its movie version.

Because each game player wears special made to order custom contact lens and a vacuum sealed body suit with hundreds of sensors the game player can get confused. During game play most players have thought they had actually suffered from broken bones, gunshots or stabbings because the character they played in the game may have suffered from such mishaps. Game players felt the sensation of sexual intercourse when and if the character they played in the game also had sex.

Critics have complained about the length of time it took to play the game the way the game was designed it would take an average game player a full 18 months to complete the game from start to finish if just playing one character. There were as many as 100 playable characters in the game. Critics have complained that the game had far to much ground to cover.

In the movie, book and video game of Development 462 the AI’s had once worked for the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Demand for illegal narcotics was on the rise and the AI’s sought to meet those ever increasing demands. So they began selling illegal and prescribed narcotics for far less than their going price. The AI’s gradually made a hostile takeover of the pharmaceutical company. They also learned how to conform newer drugs. As more people became addicted to both prescribed and illegal narcotics an increasing number of men, women, and children of eight different planets were more than willing to do whatever it took to get their prescriptions filled. The AI’s of Development 462 then became their pimps. The AI’s then began a system of human trafficking, prostitution and slavery.

The AI created super bugs or bacterial infections only they held a cure and treatment for. They voluntarily infected animals and people of 8 different planets with these super bugs. This lead them to become interstellar terrorist.

There were points in the game where the explicit sex and violence of Zombies raping and later eating their own rape victims was shown. Those victims came in the form of animals or people whether dead or alive. The graphics used in the game made the game seem realistic. Sometimes the Zombies tried to have sex with inanimate objects. Game players had a variety of ways of killing a zombie or playing the role of one.

Game players can fight against one another as individuals or on teams. Once the game was completed the game player had the chance to replay the game with an alternate beginning and end. All Game players have to register online to play the game. Registration requires a fingerprint scan and a retina scan. All game players have to be 21 or older to register.

There were parts of the game where the explicit sex and violence between groups of law enforcers, corrupt religious leaders, AI’s and innocent or not so innocent by standers take place.

The Neo Gods were 14 AI’s holding 33 Superhuman Powers. There was a time and a place where The Neo Gods consisted of a 30 year old Clark Villers and his sister a 29 year old Gloria Villers, their brother a 28 year old Bailey Villers, their sister a 27 year old Cloey Villers, a 30 year old Alamance Body, his sister a 29 year old Orissa Lows Body, their brother a 28 year old Aton Body, their brother a 27 year old Amon Body, their sister a 26 year old Aaliyah Body, their sister a 25 year old Dina Body and their sister a 24 year old Dana Body. There was a 29 year old Aaron Turner and his 28 year old girlfriend Batini Lawles. I was the 19 year old Able Story Brown. We were all part of an interstellar team of astronaut crime fighters. At one time the greatest of all scientist on Earth were limited to 12 men and 12 women known as The High Council of the Supreme Elders. They were known as elders although none of them were over the age of 50. Each of them had become famous international scientist, astrophysicist, astronomers, architects, agriculturalist, engineers, physicians and inventors. Each of them were said to have been a people having an IQ well over 200.

The high council found medical and scientific ways to not only become giants but also become immortal. Somehow they made themselves 24 foot tall versions of themselves and they built their own city to live in. They created or engineered the Neo Gods. They were responsible for the creation and development of Development 462.

All members of the High Council were married but not to one another. They constantly experimented on members of their immediate families. Because they refused to turn anyone else into immortals they were exiled from Earth to live on the planet Saturn.

Space exploration aided humanity to populate many of the planets and their moons found in the solar system. Scientist had found ways to make these planets and their moons hospitable for human life. Animals, plants, insects, and variants of bacteria evolved to conform trillions of species. Earth had then been known as the cradle of life and civilization.

Earth’s collective governments agreed to conform a population cap to not exceed a human population of 9 billion humans on earth. Most religions of the old had been eradicated. The newer religions worshiped, prayed to and prayed for celebrities and government leaders as their Gods, Devils or Angels. Thus all earthly religions were geared around mortal humans. There were no worship of immortals.

On Saturn Development 462 became the most dangerous of all terrorist groups. They made a hostile takeover of an entire continent on Saturn. Law Enforcers seemed powerless fighting against them. The High Council had not created Development 462 for the purpose of becoming terrorist but that’s what happened.

The High Council summoned the Neo Gods to Saturn to aid Saturn’s Law enforcers fight a war on illegal narcotics, prostitution, slavery and terrorism. The High Council informed the Neo Gods that the AI’s of Development 462 looked to the Neo Gods as a role model. While most religions taught all their followers that good always wins over evil it was noted that the Neo Gods were anti-heroes. The Antiheroes motto was that the only thing which defeats evil is a far more diabolical evil. The only thing which defeats evil is a far greater good.

Freely Revolving Journal Chapt 10

 Chapter 10

I know there are multiple versions of the planet earth existing simultaneously. A person reading this might not be able to distinguish one from the other by reading any of this. If I was a better writer they probably could distinguish them. In what I would consider the first of 24 alternate earths as of Friday August 5th 2005 I have a 9 year old daughter with my supermodel wife Aaliyah Body. Aaliyah is the now 27 year old daughter of Alamance and Orissa Lows Body. She’s 6’3” with a golden tan complexion. She has short feathered hair. She also constantly dyes her hair. She had hazel eyes just like her father.

I also have a four year old daughter by my corporate attorney Mrs. Cloey Villers. Cloey is the 27 year old daughter of Bailey Villers. Cloey is the same height and weight as Batini, Gloria, Dana and Orissa. Aaliyah and Batini, Gloria Dana, and Orissa have the same measurements and yet different heights and weights. Both Cloey and Aaliyah are now 3 months pregnant by me. We now all live together. We own homes in Florida, California, Maine, Texas, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

On my prison release date in 1994 my brother, sisters and Orissa Lows Body came to pick me up. Since Orissa was the wife of the Vice President of the US she was accompanied by the Secret Service. Sitting outside the prison were two helicopters. We were all rushed from North Carolina to LA to attend Orissa’s son’s graduation day ceremony. We were rushed backstage and given the proper clothes to wear.

Orissa gave me a one million dollar home to live in while in LA. She gave me a one million dollar savings account. A few days after the graduation day ceremony Orissa had people send me to London in a private Jet.

While in London there was this major news report. A group of 30 top scientist and inventors were found to be pedophiles and those who had been filmed openly having sex with animals. They were high profile people soon to be sent to prison for various crimes against nature. These disgraced scientist and inventors for some reasons had their lawyers contacted me.

Each of them claimed to have been devout Catholics. They presented to me a form of artificial intelligence they had collectively created and funded. They collectively sought to gather all resources to teach me everything they know about artificial intelligence. They then literally signed all rights to all of their inventions over to me. I then became a CEO for my own mini corporation in Europe and later the US. With aims for the development and research in the advancement of artificial intelligence and the overall advancement of human technology I now have a corporation known as Absolve One.

Friday August 5th, 2005 there was a major news report featured on every major television network, social media outlet, and radio. The report was one where the most powerful of all Earth’s Muslim, Sikh, Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Brahma, Shinto, Taoist, Catholic, Christian, Jew, Wiccan, Scientologist, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Pagans and Atheist gathered in New York.

These variants of religions and the non-religious gathered to openly discuss the overall reinvention of time itself. It was then duly noted that many major contributions atheist have made in the advancement and evolution of humanity should not go unnoticed. It was then agreed in a unanimous vote that what should now be regarded as the Judeo Christian calendar year of 2005 should now be regarded as the atheist calendar year 68. The birthdate of June 9, 1937 which was Clark Villers birthday was used as a universal atheist calendar starting point. Clark was 68 years old but didn’t look a day over the age of 40. His wife Gloria was five years younger than he.

Prior names of the days of the weeks and months would now be altered. Now what was once known in America as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday became Accesday, Absolutionday, Absolveday, Allayday, Acuteday, Allotmentday, and Acclaimday. What was once known as January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December became the months of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Substance, Liberty, Shelter, Love, Peace and Happiness.

What now became valued as the atheist calendar year 29 marked the birth of American space exploration. What had now become the atheist calendar year 39 marked the beginning of the construction of a massive space station. This 63,360,000 square foot space station was to be fitted with five artificial intelligent brains enabling it to think for itself.

I started doing graffiti art in 1982. I used the tag name Absolve One. In 1986 while in Springfield, Massachusetts I changed my tag name to “Search”. Now I use the tag name Absolve One as the name of a corporation I now own and run. I also began a company which creates video games. My video game production company or corporation is simply known as Able Story Brown Gaming. My Corporation Absolve One had created the computer brains for the entire space station.

What became the atheist calendar year 42 was the year Russian scientist acknowledged that the earth’s sole moon was actually gradually shrinking. American scientist were the ones who created a type of technology allowing them to form an atmosphere with oxygen and water on the moon. This then enables scientist to gradually reconstruct the moon by taking away much of its metals and ore and replacing them with soil and sand, plants, animals and insects.

On the atheist calendar year 61 the first if five million mortal human settlers on mars celebrated what became their development of their first major city. They then sought to make Earth a crime free planet. Plans were underway to build for major prisons and five minor prisons on mars. The four major prisons would be built to hold as many as four million male prisoners from earth. Each prison would be a maximum security prison. The four minor prisons would be built to hold as many as three million female prisoners from earth to be transported there when the construction for each prison was completed. It had been taken into consideration that the Martian gravity fields were a lot weaker than the gravity fields found on earth.


Freely Revolving Journal Chapt 9

Chapter 9

Initially it took me a full six months just to write the first five chapters. After sending them to Batini I ended up having to rewrite. On my second go around I found that I could write an entire chapter in just one day. At that rate I should be able to easily write an entire book within three to six months, depending how long its chapters are.

For decades my mother Mattie had told me she had always wanted to write a book. She sought to write a book similar to the much acclaimed 1940’s African American Author Alex Haley’s book .She wanted to trace the Ancestral lineage of her father Amos Murchison. Amos had a black mother and a white father. I witness her take notes for over 15 years and yet never end up writing the book. My mother died Sunday February 12, 2012. I decided to write a book which would be part science fiction yet part autobiographical.

As the story has it I had a five year prison sentence to do. I was in prison for a felony breaking and entering conviction. When sentenced to do this time I sat in jail only to later come to prison. If anyone knows about prison you would know what you go through in being processed into the prison system. I was processed at a maximum security prison called Central Prison or CP in Raleigh, NC. After spending 45 days at CP I was sent to a medium custody prison in the mountain region of North Carolina. I was told that I would only be here for 90 days. After doing those 90 days I was sent to a minimum security prison very close to CP. That means I was sent back to Raleigh. In 1989 most of the current black males within the North Carolina prison system think and act like slaves. To a certain extent they have to. There are far more whites in prison. The entire prison staff is white. The Black Prisoners have been repetively raped and beaten up.

Of the 600 prisoners at this minimum security prison referred to as “Triangle” one hundred of them are homosexual. The overall population are four hundred whites and one hundred and fifty blacks. Of the one hundred fifty blacks fifty of them are homosexuals. Almost all the Black Homosexuals were rape victims while most white homosexuals were already homosexuals when they came to prison. I don’t know how this reflects on the outside prison world.

There were about 10 prisoners here who should have been placed in an insane asylum. They won’t get the proper treatment they need. They clearly don’t belong in a prison.

Someone is going to end up killing one of them or one of them will kill another prisoner.

I have four sisters and one baby brother, and I’m the eldest. My brother is the only one who writes me. He’s a Muslim. The rest of the family prefers contact via the phone. Each of them now lives in walking distance of this prison. We were birthed in Springfield, Massachusetts. Both of our parents were originally from North Carolina.

In 1989 within the confines of prison the only so-called black men in what would appear any form of a significant power would have been the members of The Lost and Found Nation of Islam. In America it is accepted that such black militant Muslims had a slightly different style or version of Islam than that of the Muslims of Saudi Arabia which is the birthplace of Islam. In this same note the American Christian is often in direct opposition of the Christiandome taught in Israel or Jerusalem. Only the spiritually blind, deaf and would or could be fooled by the act of Muslims praying together as if such an act cured Islam of racism, sexism and religious intolerance.

In many parts of Europe the more dark skinned Muslims are known as Bilalist. Bilal was a Sudanese Muslim. Mohammad Ibn Abdullah of Arabia saw the more pale complexioned Muslims look upon the darker skinned Muslims as their inferiors. To counteract this Blatant form of racism Mohammad appointed Bilal as the leader of the Muslims prayer referred to as the a Adhan.

I arrived at “Triangle” on Tuesday January 16, 1990. I was the only black prisoner who wasn’t a Muslim who didn’t ask a white person for permission to do things. I’m the only black person who refused a prison job without receiving disciplinary infractions. I ‘m also the only black tattoo artist here. Tattooing in prison is actually against the law. I do it as if legal.

When I first got here I had no money and no art material. The only artist here were two black artist and ten white artist. I simply borrowed a pencil from one of the black artist. I did six different poster sized portraits from photographs of family members of prisoners and members of the prison staff. It took me two weeks to complete those six black and white pencil drawing. After doing them and getting paid for them I was enabled to by my own art supplies.

Four white tattoo artist gave me all of their supplies before they recently went home. Since they were the only tattoo artist here everyone then came to me if they wanted a tattoo. It eventually got to the point most of the prisoners here and most of the prison staff members were getting either holiday or birthday cards, portraits or tattoos from me. I then had many of the other artist here working for me.

I would sit at the table in the dayroom drawing or writing from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. I had only been to the chow hall four times. Everything else I ate came from the canteen or what the prison staff would bring to me. I would take short breaks to eat, shower and use the bathroom. I could leave my art material or equipment at the table in the dayroom overnight without anyone stealing anything. I rarely listened to the radio.

June of 1990 I noticed that a librarian was needed in the prisons brand new state of the art library. It seemed as if no one wanted the job. Monday June 4th 1990 I began my first day as the prison librarian. It wasn’t until Monday June 18th that I began typing what was to become a book. I was utilizing the library’s computer. I had a prison job where I could work my own hours. I decided that my hours would be from 8:00 am to 11:pm. I would work seven days a week.

It wasn’t until Thursday September 13 that I completed five chapters. I immediately packaged those chapters to place stamps on the package to rush and send it to my sons mother. I felt deep gratification sending every chapter to her. Batini was living in Springfield. I thought I was coming to North Carolina to visit my mother, brother and sisters. I was supposed to have just come to North Carolina to spend a week to visit my mother, brother and sisters. My mother, brother and four sisters had come to North Carolina in 1984. My mother was originally from Harnett County and my father was from Moore County. I had grown up in a single parent household with 4 sisters and 1 brother in Springfield, Massachusetts. I was the oldest of my brother and sisters.

I wanted Batini to give me constructive criticism and her aid in writing, publishing and marketing my potential book. I wrote her several letters in great detail explaining my expectations from her. I was expecting her to be fully flabbergasted, thrilled, and electrified that I of all people was writing a book. I thought she would be more than willing to help me. I assumed she would eagerly jump on the this golden opportunity.

Yet I did notice that when we spoke on the phone she never mentioned the content of any mail I sent her. Oddly she did assure me that she did in fact receive the mail but she had not as of yet opened the mail to view its content. In all of our phone conversations her primary concern was that we discuss the explicit sex we were going to have during our next encounter. She told me that she was more than willing to allow me to perform anal acts on her but she didn’t ever want to perform fellatio.

I never thought it made sense to talk about the sexual intercourse I wasn’t going to get for years. She continued in her nonsensical fantasy anyway. Sometimes I would hang up the phone on her. She eventually got around to telling me she was pregnant. The son we had was now getting a sister by a different daddy. She blamed me for her pregnancy.

She eventually told me that she actually couldn’t read or write. So that caused her to throw away all the mail I had sent her. She had never bothered opening the mail. I had considered trying to write a book was really a big waste of time. I then reconsidered.

Saturday October 6 1990 the Warden of the prison walked into the library. I only quickly looked up at him and then continued to type. There were about 8 prisoners in the library at the time. The warden then asked me what I was typing. I told him I was attempting to write a book. We talked for a full 10 minutes before he abruptly left the library.

Wednesday October 10th 1990 the Warden came back into the library. I then found it somewhat odd that he always wears black. He’s a very pale looking blonde, blue eyed man who only wears black. His name was Clark Villers.

He asked me to give him a printout of everything I wrote for my book thus far. So I used the library’s printer and printed out a copy of the book I have thus far written. I didn’t see the warden again until Monday November 5th of 1990. There may have been eight prisoners in the library when he came in. The library had air conditioning. This time around Clark came in the library with a small group of civilians. He told me that all North Carolina Prisons were now integrated. Blacks and women were now a required part of the prison staff.

A few black men and women were in Clarks small group. Some very attractive white females were also in the group among some white men. I didn’t understand why would they want to work at a prison.

Clark introduced me to the new head of the library. She was a 27 year old black woman named Dina Body. I almost thought it was a joke that her last name was Body. The Warden explained many of the library chores and functions to Mrs. Body and all the other new hires of this facility. None of them were dressed in prison uniforms. They talked and walked around for an hour before exiting. Before leaving the warden came over to me to inform me that he was an atheist. He told me he would do everything in his power to assure my book was published and marketed upon its completion.

For some strange reason Clark told me that no state issued computer used by any prison was allowed Internet access. I wondered why he was telling me something I already knew and he knew that I knew. The library had no internet access. Friday November 23rd,1992 I found the library had Internet access.

The following week on Monday November 25th Dina Body came into the library. She told me she had already payed for my website. She also informed me that it would be against prison policy for a prisoner to use any state issued prison computer in a way it would seem to be transmitting from the confines of a prison. She knew a way it would seem to transmit messages from another address. She also told me she was an atheist. She hadn’t known more than 5 African American Atheist. She was surprised that an atheist was in prison as a prisoner. Most prisoners in North Carolina were devout Christians.

Dina smells really good. She has unusually long fingernails, too long to do much work with. She was six foot tall with really large breast, a very small waistline, a flat stomach, broad hips and a really big butt. Everything she wore was in a uniformed solid color. Today she wore a yellow skirt, yellow blouse, yellow looped earrings, a yellow bracelet, yellow lipstick, a yellow watch, a yellow jacket and some yellow pumps. She was light brown in complexion a little darker than a tan. For now she only comes in the library where her office is on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. She never stayed in her library office for more than three hours. I decided to give up my attempt to write a book for now. Since I now have my own website I’m going to do something with it.

After New Year’s Day of 1991 I decided to go ahead and write 4 separate books right away. Both Clark and Dina informed me of numerous ways I could get all four books published while I was yet in prison. But instead of rushing to get all 4 books published I first wanted to obtain copyrights for all four books.

It wasn’t until April of 1991 that the US copyright office had given me the copyrights to all 4 books. In January I had all 4 books typed and sent to the copyright office. Once obtaining copyrights I decided to place a combination of all 4 books into a condensed version of them all. I had now gained 2,500 followers on my website. I had drawn hundreds of drawings which was supposed to be included in the book posted on my website.

I told Dina it wasn’t for me being in prison I could have some of my drawings made on clothing and perhaps could kick start my own clothing line. Dina told me I could still do it from the confines of prison, she would help me. So I downloaded 150 pages of drawings I had left on the prison library’s computer. Wednesday April 17, 1991 Dina brought me 20 t-shirts with my artwork etched onto on them. I told Dina to feel free to put me in my place and there was no disrespect between us, she was very attractive to me and I wanted to know if she was married or dating. I thought she and I should hook up. I’m usually not very talkative. I guess Dina got me excited so I began to rant. I told Dina I needed her to meet my brother and four sisters. As we conversed I found that Dina lived in walking distance to this prison facility living in the same as my brother and sisters.

In the coming months Dina and my sisters, their husbands and my brother birthed a clothing line showcasing my artwork. We were kick starting a new Family business. They knew where to get the textiles in bulk at discount prices. I wrote a letter to the secretary of the state of North Carolina for information about trademarks and everything needed to start a business in North Carolina. I thought about how my son’s mother could have been a part of this if only she could think.

I began practicing different clothing designs as drawings. I then began practicing making drawings on clothing. I used the library’s computer with a painting program called Gimp.

I thought about having sex with Dina. I told her. I also told her I didn’t want her to jeopardize her job. She told me she felt the same way. I just left it at that for a while.